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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (1.1) ATTRACTION

Attraction will be my the first law of relationship!  If there is no attraction there can’t be a meaningful relationship. Square pegs will never fit round holes and vice versa! Biology states plainly that like will always produces like! This means you will only attract that which is in sphere of your “like”. It is paramount that you stick to this principle in order to have the peace you need. Interestingly, many never realise this natural law is what runs everything in existence. We have become so plastic without any thought for a pro-fluent relationship. Society has groomed us to just relate once it seems alright. We are never taught how to question ourselves if there is no attraction between the two.

I have been attracted to several things out of ignorance and ended up paying dearly: especially in some relationships.  Funny enough many of us are in a rush to be accepted!  I come across cases of this sort all the time. Why do you want to get yourself into that business? Why do you love that man or woman? Why do you want to be accepted in that group when there is no attraction? The answers people give are so fleeting and lacks concreteness. Tangibility should be derived from any relationship and when there isn’t, it becomes challenging to have a meaningful one.  Relationships are meant to be created in an atmosphere of mutuality and cordiality. The cordial aspect can only be achieved when the attraction is right.

Attraction is divine and it’s wired into every one. It’s only activated when that which makes sense to your spirit is in focus. Inspite of this divinely implanted gift, many go astray only face an uphill task of forcing that which is not. Are you truly attracted to that man or woman, that business or vision or that place you want to live? Does it speak to you in a language you alone understand? Are you accepting the proposal because you think there wouldn't be any other? Until some of these questions one should ask and introspectively search within themselves to come out with answers. Apathy has a strong influence on those who can't stand their ground and defend their beliefs.

Relationships are not meant to be one-sided but rather a symbiosis. It’s should be an effort on each side to enhance its profitability. The principle ingredient to create the harmony is the attraction from each person. I am a firm believer that attraction is not a one-sided thing.  Yet somebody has to initiate the attraction before the eyes of the other is opened to it. Never make the mistake of relating to someone, business or vision if there is no attraction or whatsoever. Many people relate based on need. Whenever that is done, you weaken the power of attraction that could have given you clarity on your way ahead.

Many walk about with a facade. How do I know that…..simply because you cannot operate apart from that which is within you? If you mistakenly get attracted to a person with a facade you are heading for danger or mistaken append your signature to that deal when you've not cleared the facade, you're are doomed. Facades are built based on the experiences people endure in life whilst others emanate out of complexes. Unfortunately most of us never realise we are a mirror reflecting the values, thoughts and visions to the outside world.

Attraction is divine I repeat and its more spiritual than what the eye will direct. In every person is a connection to the Spiritual because we are spiritual beings. If you allow your Spirit man to dictate the course of your relationship, you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of trouble. For those of us who believe in God through His Son Jesus, we have assurance that as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. The Holy Spirit becomes the conduit through whom we can access knowledge in order to attract right. You have an opportunity to get it right the first time with the Holy Spirit of God.

Question:- What does "Attraction" mean to you? 

Prayer: Father in the name of Jesus help me. I have chosen out of broken systems of  this life before. I come to you desiring that you will order my steps into the right relationships. I thank you in Jesus' name for answered prayer. Amen!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…..”
                                                                                                         Hosea 4:6

When a person acquires knowledge and has no sense of purpose, it only leads to pride and arrogance. When a sense of purpose and direction is attached, knowledge leads to humility and servitude is the offshoot. This enhances the life of both the giver and the recipients. The writer in Ecclesiastics 7:12 present money and knowledge as defenses but ends up speaking highly of wisdom the only one that gives life to the one who has it.

Knowledge is power! With temerity, I say to know is to be free. As long as the sort of knowledge is applicable to your life and circumstances, it has power. The change that occurs when Knowledge is applied is significant in that it sends a beam of freedom through a person’s life. The radiant liberty which Knowledge brings is seen in every development that goes on where it is applied. 

Current events show there is a reawakening of great minds from all over who are not only reading and searching for solutions but also writing their thoughts into books. The winds of change that is blowing is not confined to only one subject matter but to every facet of life. The twenty-first century has come with its own kind of Knowledge. The explosion of social media gives anyone a certain  kind of leverage on anything the desire to pursue. Accessing Facebook, twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn or any other will give you a wealth of knowledge which hitherto wasn't common. Even if they were, it would have been very expensive. It’s said the scarcest commodity in the twenty-first century will be human attention. However knowledge will be the cheapest and anyone desirous of greatness will have it for free if only they know where to access it.

There are two things you should always seek to control- your knowledge and finance. When anyone controls anyone of these you will forever be a slave. You can never underestimate the power that whoever controls knowledge has. In George Orwell’s book “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, we read the government of that time had absolute power over what the knowledge its  citizenry had. Even their language was termed “newspeak”. New words were coined to suit the leadership of that time. This was used to control their everyday life and make them slaves to the dictates of their government.

God recognises the superiority of knowledge and gives it credence. We are told that He founded the earth by wisdom and by knowledge He established it. Until a person pursues knowledge, they will forever be subjected or carried away by the whims of any circumstances. You have been created to be the master of your circumstances and you can do so through the acquisition of the right kind of knowledge. Never forget you are forever shackled until you break free with the knowledge you have. This is the place where you take charge over what you see and hear. 

The term “garbage in garbage out”, implies a person’s ability to decipher which knowledge is needed and what is not. You don’t have to buy into anything you see or hear. The worse will be either to listen or look but you should do yourself the favour and have a choice. Progressive Knowledge is everywhere yet it takes the determined individual to find it. You can never live a life devoid of knowledge. Seek knowledge and apply the knowledge. Applied knowledge is power!!

Yours In His Service

Question:- What does "applied knowledge personally mean to you? Which areas of your life do you need knowledge? How have you or do you intend to use Knowledge? Your comments will be very appreciated. 

Prayer:- Father in the name of Jesus help me seek the right kind of knowledge that will enhance my life. I thank you for the divine knowledge that emanates out of the study of your word. Amen

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