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Monday, 21 October 2013

Marked For Greatness

…“I will give you places to walk among these who stand here. - Zechariah 3:6

God wants to position us strategically in a place where we can receive His blessings. (Copy and tweet). This will enable us to function on a level beyond human understanding. Throughout the bible, God gave some people special favours and privileges that caused them to triumph in almost every situation. These people sought to know the mind of God and acted according to it. Their lives were full of miracles and supernatural doings. Even in their weakest hour, the Lord made a way. (Copy and tweet).

David committed adultery and murder yet the Lord said he was the man after his heart. Moses’ rod became God’s rod and was used to do powerful deeds.  How can a stone thrown from the sling of a shepherd boy give his nation the freedom from their worst enemy? Amazing! How could this happen to ordinary people like you and me? Except these people had had an encounter with the supernatural power of the Almighty God and had been touched by it. These people had a place among the standing! The miracles of God was at their beck and call so to say. They became the custodians of the plans and purposes of God for the entire human race. These people regardless of their flaws had something in common: they believe God to the letter and worked in partnership with the Holy Spirit of God. (Copy and tweet).

In this world there are two classes of people; those who are "existing" and those who are “living”. (Copy and tweet). To exist is to live a life based on the things you have or want and when they are out of your reach, you fold or give up. (Copy and tweet). I knew a man who had the best opportunity of his life time. He took the family’s entire savings and squandered it on business plans that couldn’t be profitable. The last time I encountered him, he had given up on trying again and is existing instead of living. I told him the only way is to come back to the giver of life and not things he wants. Like this fella, most people have resigned and given up on life because of what probably happened to them.

To be alive is to manifest the essence of the God given life in you called Zoe. (Copy and tweet).  Those who are living have got the convincing power of the word in them and are able to brave the storm and deal with the circumstances that come their way. The living are the people with a place among the standing. They pay the price to get to where they are in the Lord and they do not compromise. (Copy and tweet).

Those who have a “standing” in the presence of God are the people who have been found found faithful are granted audience whenever. (Copy and tweet). God trusts these people so much that he governs the entire world with them. He does not do anything except he consults them. Remember the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? God informed Abraham his friend. God said he couldn’t do anything unless he told his friend Abraham. Remember Noah the Ark builder? God was the one who showed him how to build the ark.

How To Be Marked For Greatness :-

A. Work to be trusted by God
B. Go all out for God
C. Having optimum Faith is imperative


Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 14 October 2013

#HowToBeOutstanding - #Humanity

“Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again”. Luke 8:38

To give to others the proceeds from your gifts is the epitome of being outstanding. (Copy and tweet). We learn this attitude first from God when He gave His only son as a ransom for the sins of the world. When it comes to being generous, people of the world seem to have gotten it right as opposed to that of believers. We are the custodians of the true spirit of giving but many at times find so difficult to release what they have to help others. Your gift was not only given to you for your benefit but for others as well. (Copy and tweet).

You bring so much significance to your gift when others benefit from it. (Copy and tweet). There are several avenues by which you can put your gift to use to enhance the lives of others. The lives of the patriarchs and all the people in the Bible are gifts to help us find answers to challenges we might be facing. Imagine if there wasn’t any history of the patriarchs to be used as a yard stick in our lives? Having the mind to reach out to others with what you have is something everyone should endeavour in their own little way to do. As you sow into the lives of others, it triggers a continuous flow of the blessing of God on your gifts for growth. (Copy and tweet).

You can never underestimate what giving back to society does in the lives of the less privileged. We make a living by what we do but we make a life by what we give. (Copy and tweet).  Someone is waiting on your benevolence to ease a problem they have. Just by mentoring a young person will probably turn them into someone significant. Whoever mentored Martin Luther King Jnr imparted gems of greatness and boldness to him that was unequal to any one of his time.

Never keep what you have to yourself to the detriment of others. Your ability to exercise humanity will churn greatness from an unknown person who might later on do greater works. (Copy and tweet). Jesus chose twelve disciples and gave them everything he had before he left for heaven. In the city of Antioch, they saw the disciples had been with Jesus thus they gave them the name Christians. As you exercise humanity in the lives of others, it will be like casting your bread upon many waters to reap someday. The whole concept of Christianity is to alleviate the struggles people face. When things are right for you, remember where it all began and give it back. (Copy and tweet). 

Talk About It -

A. To Who or Where do you feel you need to exercise humanity?

B.  Why do you think many find it difficult to exercise humanity?


Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 7 October 2013

#HowToBeOutstanding- #Purity

“I beseech you therefore, brethren by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” Romans 12:1 

Purity is the single most powerful force that drives any blessing of God. (Copy and tweet). You cannot live your life anyhow and expect optimum results from the Lord. Anyhow living simply leads to anyhow blessing…if there is anything like that. The difference between the one that lives in purity and the one who doesn’t is the revelation they possess. (Copy and tweet). Moses before he could handle the rod of miracles which became God’s rod, was tested on his state of purity. He was told to place his hand on his chest. The state of his heart was revealed as his hands turned leprous. At this point it was obvious that he couldn’t handle the rod of God if there wasn’t any purity in his life.  

Many forget that possessing the blessings of God isn’t what really matters but your ability to keep it. (Copy and tweet). You cannot move mountains beyond the limit your purity will take you. When you and God are partners, there wouldn’t be any cause for alarm. (Copy and tweet). You need to get to the point of saying “NO” to certain things that will cause you to compromise on your Christian standards. Opinions of people don’t matter: the standards of God is the ultimate and that is where everyone should endeavour to ascribe to. (Copy and tweet).

Many will be told to depart from the presence of God during the judgment because they lived their lives anyhow. Have you ever questioned why regardless of how much gifted you are, no great results is being seen with your life? The lack of intentional purity might be the answer. All things are lawful onto me but not all are expedient. Once you come to this point, you have to make the decision to live right and pure for yourself and God at best. There is no way round living right, acting right and thinking right as a child of God.  (Copy and tweet).

Living right is something every Christian should endeavour to. Many have the mind you judge them when you point out a fault in their character, relationship etc to them. However, Christians are meant to prove others by their life styles. Until your life style speaks a lot about your relationship with Christ, you don’t have the moral right to speak of others. (Copy and tweet). When in doubt about living right and pure, remind yourself of what the whole of Psalm 24 speaks on. What really gives me the kick is when the Psalmist questions who will ascend onto the hill of God and stand in His holy place. He gives the answer without wavering – he that a clean hands and a pure heart….

To the pure all things are pure….what are your pure things? It’s about time you take living right and pure for God seriously. Nothing you do for God will go unrewarded.  (Copy and tweet). 

Talk About It -

A. Where do you feel you need help with living “PURE” for God?

B.  What steps have you taken  to deal with the “IMPURITIES” in your Christian walk?


Joe Akuoko II

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