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Sunday, 29 July 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (5) MAKE IT A WIN-WIN DEAL!!

It is said that in any relationship, there has got to be a sort of 60/40 approach- where one person is expected to give the 60 and the other 40. I believe however that relationships are never about numbers but achieving a win- win deal.(Click here and tweet this). My argument is this, it doesn’t matter who is contributing what, once the mentality is that of a win-win deal, happiness will be achieved.  Any relationship where one person tends to give so much and receives less in return is a toxic one. (Click here and tweet this). Its either the loser is holding on based on fear or has nothing to live for anymore.

Have the decency and the humanity to decide on making sure it’s an all profit gig! Anytime a person walks away with all the winnings at the expense of another’s input, they end up heaping it up for another to easily possess. (Click here and tweet this). Nobody invests in anything to lose even though sometimes providence has a way of conducting the affairs of man: we invest in order to receive that which is due us.

Never try to deprive someone of the love, care, money or opportunities they have invested in your life. The few years I have been around has taught me a great lesson: life is lived in stages, people will always grow into sizes. Today might be yours and tomorrow could be for the one you abused or cheated. (Click here and tweet this). You don’t lose when you decide to make it a win-win deal. Rather, you will continue to enhance your life by seeing others profit from a relationship. There are some unspoken spiritual laws that operate in human circles. You don’t need to believe in God to see them operate everyday yet they do.

I have seen many who abused and deprived others of the returns due them yet they never amounted to anything with what wasn’t theirs. (Click here and tweet this). Growing up, I saw many who thought they were all that mattered and didn’t need others. They trampled underfoot the love, finance, time others invested in them but as time went on, they also became casualties of their deeds because they refused to make it a win- win deal.

I love God with every available fibre in me. Serving God all these years has opened my eyes to how God practises the win-win deal I am talking about. He gives seed to the sower. By default the job of the sower is to sow but without credible seeds, he is handicapped. It’s at this point that God steps in out of His generosity to make it a win- win deal with the sower. I give you seeds you go and sow! If the sower obeys and sows according to the agreed vision and principles, he will yield fruits worthy of God blessing. The sower receives the profit whilst the glory goes to God-win-win deal. (Click here and tweet this).

To make it a win-win deal also means to learn to share. Relationship building is an investment that requires the art of sharing. After all SHARING is CARING! The ethos of any relationship should be that of sharing and subsequently caring. (Click here and tweet this). Until we get it right with making it a win-win deal, you will suffer needlessly.

The law of the mirror also comes to play when thinking about a win-win deal. When you stand in front of the mirror you don’t see me you see you. If you don’t like what you see, change it. Thus in any win-win deal, your heart’s desire should be reflected in the way you treat the next person. The person you are in the relationship with is the mirror you reflect yourself in. (Click here and tweet this).You don’t lose in the long run when you understand making everything you do with others a win-win deal is more spiritual than the natural.

Questions: What does it mean to you when we say make it a win-win deal? Do you believe you are being cheated when the scale doesn’t balance in a relationship? Any experience to share? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"3Pees"Of Life ~ PRESERVATION!!

Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death….
When God has invested greatness in you, the challenges of life will come against you. The foremost means by which God secures you is to “PRESERVE” you until the appointed time.  I see Preservation as the period in a person’s life where God shields you from the overtness of your gift or calling. (Click here and tweet this). It is the silent yet the most beneficial period in a person’s life. He does this to prevent the early death of a vision, dream or a purpose. 

When you lack understanding of God's plan for your life, immaturity about issues at hand is the first by-product. (Click here and tweet this). As a result, many lose the desire and tenacity to pursue the best that life brings.  David was sent to the desert with the few sheep though the youngest of Jesse’s children. Because he had been destined for something greater, he was left in the desert as if no one cared. It was God’s decoy; a way to preserve his life. God and the desert eventually became his teachers. The skills he learnt from the desert became invaluable in his success as a King.

The challenges of life are sometimes daunting and demanding. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes question if God is truly with me. (Click here and tweet this). The negatives we encounter in life are not all meant to kill you I can emphatically say by now. After being around a few years and walking with God, I see it sometimes as God’s own way of PRESERVING you. Sadly many of us give up even before the preservation period ends. As a little boy, God took upon Himself to preserve Jesus from harm’s way. He commanded them to take Jesus to Egypt until the death of Herod. At twelve years He challenged the teachers of the law which was a premature launching of His ministry yet God used His parents to PRESERVE him until he was ready to launch him out.

If you allow God to preserve you, you will certainly be secured. On a personal basis, the preservation period I am experiencing has afforded me the privilege of ministering to my talents, skills, abilities and other areas of studies. I am quite careful not to waste so much time with the dogs and swine of this life. God’s preservation is the best times for anyone who believes in achieving their destiny. The whole purpose of preservation is to create  confidence in the Lord alone in order not to be afraid of what is waiting for you outside. (Click here and tweet this).

Questions: What does preservation mean to you? Have you experienced any period of preservation in your life before? Have you questioned God Sometimes?
You can leave your comments on the blog!!!

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Sunday, 22 July 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (4) HAVE A COMMON VISION!!

Adam, where are you…a question posed by God when He couldn’t find him? Adam had missed a meeting at their chosen rendezvous. God and Adam had a common platform for the vision they had for the earth He had created. (Click here and tweet this). Unfortunately, something happened and the common platform for their relationship was destroyed. 

Perhaps the most important question to ask after you have gone for what you NEED is whether if you have a commonality in vision. This “vision” becomes an unshakable platform on which you are building your relationship. Where there is no vision the people perish! Just taking the relationship as it comes along isn’t going to bring the desired results you have in mind. (Click here and tweet this). It will only exacerbate your fears because your beliefs for the relationship will not be solidly grounded. The only time you will know of a surety that you are in the right in relating to something or someone will be when your common vision is in place.

There’s got to be something why you want to relate to that individual…It cannot be just a like or a preference. I doubt if you like something, a place or someone because of everything they bring to the table. God created us such that there is a longing for satisfaction in everyone. (Click here and tweet this). Funny enough, He places the answer to that longing in something or someone. This “something” should push you to work out a vision for yourselves on how to conduct your relationship and be successful in it. Mind you every relationship is different. Thus, you cannot apply a principle that work for another in yours. If you tend to follow the pattern of others without due recognition for yours, you are heading for trouble. When you understand the vision for the relationship that you are part of, define the tools, parameters and principles needed for success. (Click here and tweet this).

When you are young and happy, anything seems to go when it comes to a relationship with your environment, a person or thought pattern. However maturing both in age and understanding should push you to have a well-defined vision for wanting to relate to someone or something. (Click here and tweet this). Without that, you might end up in one of those wasted efforts.  What commonality due you share with the associate, environment or person in the relationship? I ask because I have seen too many people relating without a common vision.

I doubt if many actually take time in spelling out a common vision for their relationship.  In business relationships, each party and their investment percentages are represented by an agreed form of by- laws and principles. Thus one cannot feel disenfranchised.  Sadly in everyday relationship, many never bother to underwrite or spell out such rules and regulations to help ameliorate the relationship when it hits dire.  Any relationship that has a common platform for its vision tends to survive the nudges of life and grows from strength to strength. (Click here and tweet this).

Once the vision is spelt out, it also calls for responsibility.  When a person is made responsible for a shared vision they step up to the call. Adam was missing at the platform himself and God shared thus God has to shout looking for him. The word “In one accord” as recorded in the book Acts represents a gathering of individual with a common platform with a shared vision. The Holy Spirit of God descended because they had a commonality in vision. Have a deliberately created commonality in vision.  It should be agreed, accepted and determined platform for the vision of why you believe you need to relate. Great value is seen in a relationship that is built on a platform of a shared vision. (Click here and tweet this).

Questions: Do you have a common platform that serves your relationship? Have you benefitted from it? What were the downsides or benefits? Kindly leave your comments on the blog!

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Death is certain and none will escape! Every day people die, whether buried or cremated, they will return into the dust from which they came. (Click here and tweet this). It’s the process by which the breath which gives us the energy to live life is exhaled and never to be inhaled. Barring God’s power, to live long is a choice on the part of an individual. The principles of God include what to do in order to live long. When a person goes against these principles, they end up with methods made by man which does nothing for the spirit man. God created man simple but we sought out our own schemes. The acquisition of knowledge, affluence, influence and power shouldn’t be a barrier in recognising we are just humans and this life has been loaned to us. If you live to prepared to die, you will die prepared to live. (Click here and tweet this).

Humus from whose dust we were created was never meant to exert influence over the LIFE of a person. That which wasn’t meant to be, took place sending man back into the state of hopelessness. Sin empowered the “Humus” to demand its contribution of dust in the formation of man.(Click here and tweet this). God will never compete with that which He has created. He will withdraw His breath before the humus demands its contribution of dust in the creation of a person. This is what I understand by death. Whenever you witness someone being buried, it’s because God has withdrawn His breath and the “Humus” is receiving that which is his. Death which wasn’t part of the plans of God initially became the end of all mankind whether small or great, free or slave.

Eastern Philosophies do teach of reincarnation as a means of coming back into the world. Well it’s their belief yet it doesn’t negate the judgement reserved for all mankind. It’s appointed onto man to die ONCE and after death judgement. Once will every man die and not be reincarnated into anything. (Click here and tweet this). Anytime a person is buried we are simply being reminded that we came out of the dust of the earth and from there we are going. Barring premature death, God’s determined time of death will at some point knock on your door. (Click here and tweet this).When it does no power in the world will be able to stop it because it will be your time. We came out of the dust of the earth, let us prepare well into returning. For those of us who believe in Jesus, we have hope beyond what the world is telling us. We know inspite of dying, we will be living with Christ in heaven with God. Prepare yourself! (Click here and tweet this).

Questions: What does death mean to you? Do you ever think about dying someday? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

Sunday, 15 July 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships~ (3) GO FOR WHAT YOU NEED!!

Go for what you NEED as opposed to what you WANT! Lay your cards well in life and lay it plain on the table: men will respect your demands. (Click here to tweet this) There is something about those who are bold enough to demand exactly what they need.  In simplicity, wants are things you can do without whilst needs are things you cannot do without. We exert so much effort and money on that which doesn’t give satisfaction at the expense of that which does.

The human being in our times believes in the “instantomatics” thus our foremost desires are geared towards the self.  As a leader, I have seen too many lives destroyed because of the lack of a resolve to go for what is needed. The bible is very succinct when it comes to asking from God; my God shall supply all your NEED according to His riches in glory. Pursuing a need in life brings fulfilment. The biography of the late Steve Jobs speaks of someone who understood this argument I am raising. He stood for one thing- the need for excellence. Flip through the pages and you will be shocked at the length he will go to achieve the excellence he so desires.  If you go for what you want at the expense of need, you will be bitter and confused for the rest of your live. (Click here and tweet this).

Many I have come across find it daunting paying the price required for the fulfilment of their need. In order to be fulfilled in a relationship, questions are meant to be asked before there is an agreement.  Hard questions like why do I need that person? Why do I need that job? Does it have what it takes to bring the best out of me? These should be the benchmarks for everyone desiring to relate to someone, a vision or an environment. Interestingly, when you pursue what you need, something within tells you that you are fighting a worthy course. (Click here and tweet this). You don’t have to bow to the pressure of others who find satisfaction in mediocrity to settle for less.

If deep within the recesses of your Spirit excellence abounds, go for it. Name your price, see your prize and learn to work for. (Click here and tweet this).Weak souls often settle for that which is far below their potential and never live life to its best. Many who go for wants might seem to be winning in the immediate only to be blown away like the chaff by the winds of life. Others, who choose to pursue their need and suffer the buffeting of negative forces, will win eventually.

I am an avid reader of biographies and something is very consistent in the lives I read of. Almost every great achiever from the onset knew what they NEEDED and did not mince words in achieving it. Make no mistake, finding your need is tasking because human beings naturally gyrate towards wants. (Click here and tweet this). It will take a painstaking process to really identify your need and when you do, make sure you utilise it to your benefit. Your life is in the capsule of your need and once you find it, the real you will be free to exhibit your potential.  May God help you find what you really NEED and when you do, go for it with everything in you.

Questions: what do you NEED not WANT in a relationship? Have you made the mistake of going for a WANT not a NEED? Kindly leave your comment on the blog.

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Yours In His Service

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul". ~ Genesis 2:7

The person that is seen every day is not necessarily the image of God but a combo of the DNA of that individual’s parents. (Click here and tweet this). The Spiritual process is that God created man from the dust of the soil and breathe into man his Spirit and man became a living soul.  Science speaks of the creation of man from the fusing of the sperm and ovary which forms the zygote. An embryo forms out of the zygote and finally a human being.
The word “human” I believe is the combination of the words “humus” and man. Humus represents the dust from which man was created and “man” might also mean the breath of God in a person that gives life. This is the true sense of the image of God. One can therefore conclude that the real person is the one that lives within the confines of the features of both parents called the body. Whilst the true image of God is the breath in a person that causes him to live, move and have their being. (Click here and tweet this). It’s the breath of God in man that gives him the essence of his being. The energy of life in man is the breath of God. It’s only through this engine that man continues to live.

The presence of the divine or the breath of God is what causes man to constantly desire the worship of a deity, be it God or any other. (Click here and tweet this). It is what gives man the impetus to “BE”.  It’s out of this that Self- belief is generated. Even the most deprived person believes in what they are capable of achieving when given the opportunity. Ask anyone and they believe they are either the most beautiful, handsome or gifted inspite of what your opinion might be. Have you ever watched people sign their names? Have you noticed its sign with design, care and pride? The major quality displayed to the maximum is that of ownership and protection. It represents the nearest description of the essence of one’s being. It’s what makes a person feel at ease in whatever they do or say. The audacity people have in life comes from the essence of their being inherited from the divine in us.

Knowledge both of the supernatural and the natural is the contact point for God and man to relate. This knowledge from God is the ultimate conduit for the perpetuation of the human being. Every attack of the devil is to deplete the knowledge of God within a person that is meant to empower the divine in them. Without this kind of knowledge, a person is kept ignorant of the plans of God. When Adam bought into the lie of the Satan, he sinned and subsequently the divine in him was corrupted. Now man became a living soul that was dead. He lost everything and was reduced to nothing. Whenever you allow the devil to twist and tell you that which you already should know, you become his slave. (Click here and tweet this). Remember the temptation of Jesus? Selah

The humus man is glorified and elevated above all else that God had created. Sin can momentarily disconnect you but run to God and you’ll be reconnected through Christ. (Click here and tweet this). As you embark on discovering your true essence and to remain in the glorified state created you to be do these-

A.     Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour he is the only one who can bridge the gap between your now and the state God created you to be.

B.     Meditate on the word of God it’s the only way you will have divine clout to rebuff the thoughts and imaginations the enemy attacks you with.

C.     Bask in the knowledge that God takes delight in who you are. God is mindful of you and we are friends of God.

Questions: Do you really know who you are? Do you believe you are glorified through Christ? Do you know you can find redemption from your sins and weaknesses through Christ?
Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

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Monday, 9 July 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (2) RELATE TO YOUR KIND

Reflective Number 2 with Inferno Pink FlamesA friend recently made an interesting remark; a fascinating joke which really makes sense within a certain context.  She said “birds of the same feathers confuse the owner”…something like a spoof of the original quote that says birds of the same feathers flock together. A great lesson can be learnt from this as I believe these birds flock together because the colour, design, weight and even the size of their feathers creates an identity they can relate to.  Relating to your kind becomes the rallying point that engenders unity and development. It beats my imagination when people say opposites attract. There might be but what does a shifty, mendacious and dishonest person have in common with an honest and hardworking individual? Realistically how can such characters attract? Often times we buy into the pressure of society and end up in relationships only to be casualties. I have never seen eagles fly with sparrows and neither have lions hunted with goats. God created all to relate to their kind for harmony and the achievement of maximum results.

The problem with many relationships is that the people involved are many at times on different wavelengths. When people operate strongly on different wavelengths, nothing in heaven or on earth will allow for serenity. They might try everything possible to be in tune with the opposite person but will end up failing miserably. Even musical notes have taught us that when the right cords are not used, they end up giving a bad sound: it’s called being in discord. Have you ever met someone you suddenly hit off with? Infact the closer you got to know them, the more you realised you have a lot in common. What was the feeling like? Now take a look at the vice versa look of the same situation, you will realise that taking your time to know your kind is the most profitable aspect of any relationship.

Relating to someone who understands your level of thinking, style, beliefs and passion creates a connection that is not easily broken.  Once you are in sync with your kind, you minimise time wasting and becoming a casualty. It also allows you to be yourself thus releasing enough energy to achieve the unachievable. Interestingly, this concept is now being practised by dating agencies who request that you fill a form with all your likes and dislikes in order to be matched with your kind.  I have been in a relationship where I had to struggle even to please the person. The individual never appreciated anything I did. Even when I had gone out of the way to make them feel loved and appreciated, I ended on the wrong side of their books. After a long and careful analysis, I found out that interestingly, we had nothing in common. I love reading, writing, being creative whilst the person liked everything opposite. It took me four solid wasted years to realise it was time to move on.

I experienced the same when a few years ago I tried to change jobs. I was working for a multi-national company in charge of their foot ware department. The down side was that my position wouldn’t allow me to go to church on Sunday. I loved the job but had to leave I but made a wrong decision going to work for a small and somehow insignificant company compared to my former job. Wow! I hated the place of work; very claustrophic compared to my old one, didn’t like the manager who I knew I was over qualified to work under and started making some grave mistakes. I could list a gamut of ills I experienced whilst being there. Why this story of my life? Simply because I could have stayed with my kind and negotiated but left without realising I was operating against this commandment. I could go and tell you also about my business endeavours that ended badly due to the wrong kind of relationship. Got into doing business with the wrong relational advice in an environment and ended up losing everything from my money to the stocks.

To end this, Jesus made a profound statement to emphasize and give impetus to what am trying to convince you to believe. He said “father all that you gave me I have been able to keep except the son of perdition”.  In the light of this commandment, I believe what Jesus was teaching is this; that which is not in sync with you will only hurt and subsequently leave you but that which is your kind will stay and be a blessing to you.

Question:-Do you believe relating to your kind has advantages? Do you have a personal experience to share? Have you lost something or ever been hurt by relating to the wrong kind?

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Yours In His Service


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