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Friday, 7 December 2012

5TypesOfPeopleWeRelateTo - (5) The Multitude type

And a great multitude followed him, because they saw his miracles which he did on them that were diseased. John 6/2

The word multitude seems to me as “multi- attitude” when broken into two. (Copy and tweet).  They are many with different ideas and mindset. They don’t have a united mind to be channelled into something worthwhile. They only followed Jesus because of the miracles which they saw him perform and not for the word to transform their lives. They have the tendency to be only receivers but not contributors. They have their mouths well opened to receive and never give back to others what they received. They will keep you busy preaching, teaching and even giving out everything you have. They have a motto that reads - “no contribution but we are here to enjoy”. (Copy and tweet).
They come in so many forms and they do not seek anything but the best you have to offer without any contribution from them. If in church, they could represent the people in the parable of the sower in a sense. They will cause you to preach for the word to fall on rocky hearts, wayside hearts, and thorny hearts. They are very quick to fill churches, raise you up and with the same quickness raze you down in search of a new anointing or kid on the block. (Copy and tweet
There is a tendency for you to try and prove a point when you come across the multitude type. (Copy and tweet). Watch out! For they might let you to do things God hasn’t told you to do. They will put you under enormous pressure and sometimes even sin against God.
Though sometimes there might be an iota of skill, talent and ability within them, you do not need to spend so much of your time with them. If you are not careful you will focus all your energy and time trying to help people who do not need it. (Copy and tweet). We meet these people every day in our lives but your focus should not be on what they do. 
Of cause some will help you achieve your vision but the ratio of your helpers compared to your detractors will not be in your favour. (Copy and tweet).

Have you ever encountered a person with a multitude mentality? Let me know your thoughts.
Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

5TypesOfPeopleWeRelateTo - (4)The Disciple type

And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would. John 6:11

They did not have the resources required by Jesus to feed the five thousand people but were very diligent in distributing it. It’s easy to count yourself out especially when others have the connections and finance to move a vision or a purpose. Yet a careful perusal of your life will prove that you have something different to help. (Copy and tweet). Like the disciples, you may not have the resources needed to help a vision but your time and your concern about the vision will count a lot. (Copy and tweet).
There are people who are constantly fasting, praying and working behind the scenes to make sure that an idea or vision is bettered.  They are evangelists who relentlessly reach out to others with the details of the vision. They might not have the strength and capacity to fight the “Goliaths” of life but have what it takes to bring the “Davids” into the presence of the King Saul. (Copy and tweet). 
I see the disciple type of people as individuals who inspite of their lack of the needed expertise help with everything else they’ve got. The disciples had the skill of orderly arrangement and distribution- a vital tool in helping Jesus achieve the miracle. (Copy and tweet). Obed-Edom could not go with King David to bring the ark of God back to his people. Yet he was prepared to allow the King to bring the ark into his house when the Lord killed Uzzah. (Copy and tweet)
The Lord eventually blessed the house of Obed-Edom and prospered him. Even though the Ark was eventually taken away, the blessings were to remain in Obed-Edom forever. When we are able to keep some one else's God will surely bring us our own. (Copy and tweet).
Never underestimate what the disciple type of people we relate to are capable of doing. Every little effort of the disciple type of people helps achieve the dreams and aspirations of a visionary. (Copy and tweet).

What other doings of the disciple type of people can you think of? Let me know your thoughts.
Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5TypesOfPeopleWeRelateTo - (3)The Lad type

……….. there is a lad here, which had five barley loaves and two small fishes but what are they among so many. John 6:8

People with potentials, abilities, talents and skills should not be ignored. (Copy and tweet). It is dangerous and detrimental to any leader. They are the greatest asset an individual will possess. You might not see their significance in the initial stages but they carry what it takes to salvage your image and your life. Some of the “old school” leaders of our time do not celebrate the tenacity and vivacious skills and talents of the young. (Copy and tweet).  They fail to help open doors for the young because they feel threatened by the tour–de-force of the young. 
One could argue that the young too lack the experience on how to relate to the old. Yet it remains that none of us began life with all the needed skills to succeed? (Copy and tweet). None! That is the reason why the young need the old and vice versa. What I will admonish the young to do is to walk in humility and have the mentality of smart work coupled with hard work. (Copy and tweet)
People become great in their chosen field over a period of time. Men are in sizes and life is lived in stages…so is greatness. (Copy and tweet). Your significance is in the little things you do in the now yet the manifestation thereof might take time. (Copy and tweet). You learn to correct yourself through your mistakes as you go along.
There are significant people all over who have what it takes to help shape things for you. It takes a careful and godly eye to locate them. (Copy and tweet). David’s life was spared because of the advice of an "insignificant" fellow like Hushai. His two-minute advice to Absalom saved David from being slaughtered. As insignificant as Hushai was, it was his two minute advice that helped prolonged the kingdom of David.
As insignificant as the Lad was amongst the people, he carried that which was to bring relief to the people who had come to hear Jesus preach. (Copy and tweet).  It only needed the touch of the supernatural. There are people who make everything they have available to help others fare well and be better. What they have might be insufficient but they are prepared to give their all. They are rare gems!They save situations in the nick of time. Never underestimate what God has given you in terms of skills, talents and abilities. It could the answers for our time and that of the next generation. (Copy and tweet).
Can you think of times you’ve been the lad type of person? You stood in the gap and change the course of something for the greater glory. (Copy and tweet). The lad type of people are all over the place and we need them. Never look at their insignificant and insufficiency, they carry enough to help you. 

Any thoughts on the lad type of people? Let me know your thoughts.
Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

5TypesOfPeopleWeRelateTo - (2)The Andrew type

…One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, saith unto him, there is a lad here, which had five barley loaves and two small fishes but what are they among so many. John 6:8

The Andrew sorts of people are always recommending others with the resources but not themselves. (Copy and tweet). They position themselves in way in which to attract and locate the skills, talents and the abilities of others to help the vision. Yet my question to such is – what happened to theirs? I have seen people with fantastic ideas who fail to make use of it only for others to pick their ideas up, add a little of theirs and become great with it. 

There are a lot of well skilled people who nurture others with their great ideas. The nurtured ones are able to implement the borrowed ideas to become great whiles the originators remain in their poor state of life. I have no problem with nurturing others but at least do something with what you’ve been given. In this life, no one honours or applauds ideas until the virtue is turned into a desired product. (Copy and tweet). You join the losers club if you sit and wait for the results of your vision or idea to be handed down to you. 

A poor wise man in the bible had profound wisdom and through it saved his nation but the fact remained that he was poor. No one wants to be associated with poverty. (Copy and tweet). Soon every one forgot about him because he was poor. You can have the world’s greatest vision but if it is not implemented you will not be recognised.
One negative of being the Andrew type is that you will wait for others to become icons of peoples’ admiration and claim to be part of their success. (Copy and tweet). Sometimes even those you helped or nurtured will refuse to give you credit or recognize you! Its the reality of life.
For me, one of the people who could have become great in the work of God other than Paul was Ananias. Ananias represents a sort of Andrew type person. He had the anointing but was not prepared to use it. God made him release everything into Paul by the laying on of hands.(Copy and tweet).  Such people are never implementers nor can they lead. They are very comfortable when others receive the praise for their work done. I suppose you could use their ideas. It’s called smart work Lol!

Do you think if the Andrew type of people is balanced, he/she will profit from their gifts? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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