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Thursday, 27 September 2012


If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door and unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.~ Genesis 4:7(KJV)

This scripture paints an interesting picture when it comes to the believer and how sins seek to dominate their lives.  Sin is at your door not yet entered into your house- meaning it’s lurking, strategizing, and patiently waiting for an opportunity to entice and possess you. (Click here and tweet this). Its desire is not for anyone but you the child of God.

Everyone has a weakness. Sin isn’t a mistake or a weakness. Sin is sin, mistakes are mistakes and weaknesses are weakness. (Click here and tweet this).When mistakes are committed there is always an opportunity for a re-takes. Weaknesses are natural however debilitating or not. It’s through your weakness that the enemy attacks.  David’s weaknesses led him to sleep with someone’s wife and Solomon carried it over. Abraham had a weakness for fair women, Isaac did too and Jacob took it to the next level. Your ignorance is the strength of your foe. (Click here and tweet this). Sin however comes about through the medium of your weaknesses when it’s not strengthened by the word of God. The devil knowing what you are weak at will hammer you consistently with it until either you give in or overcome it. (Click here and tweet this).

The devil will never entice you with anything you are strong at. (Click here and tweet this). His first temptation he attacked Jesus was that of food; he knew Jesus had been fasting for 40days and 40nights and needed food. Because he understands the bloodline, he tailors his attack to suit the weaknesses exhibited for ages through the bloodline- a particular trait of weaknesses and sins that has been dominant in your family line for ages.  Thus if you will agree with me and be honest, what you are struggling with in terms of weakness that leads to you sinning has/is being exhibited either by your father or mother or someone closer in the family before. (Click here and tweet this).

Unbeknownst to many who suffer from the bondage of sin, there is so much power available for one to be totally broken free through Christ.  Often times, they get so blinded by the sin they commit so much so that telling them it’s possible to be free is something difficult to believe. (Click here and tweet this).

The Apostle Paul takes it a step further and explains that the law of sin and death that had kept people in bondage has been broken by the law of life in Christ Jesus. He continues to assure us that there isn’t any more condemnation for anyone who is in Christ Jesus. For the law of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death. (Click here and tweet this). Where sin had led us onto death Christ came and redeemed us back onto life through salvation. Jesus did not come to condemn the world but He came so that the world through Him might be saved. Click here and tweet this).
Here is the 3minute simple step to take:

A.   Acknowledge that you are a sinner and name the particular sin to God. (Not quite popular with the so-called new age teachings).But hey until you accept your state, no one can help you. (Romans 3:23, 6:29)
B.    Plead the blood of Christ to wash you fresh from the strong hold of and guilt of sin. The only power available to break you free from the vicious cycle of sin is the blood of Jesus. (Hebrews 9:22)
C.     Accept your new state as a born again child of God and desire to be baptised in water. (John3:3)

Prayer: "Dear Lord I thank you for this great salvation that is free. I commit my struggle with sin into your hands knowing that you alone can deliver me from its clutches. Empower me through the blood to overcome this sin. I thank you that it's done in Jesus mighty name". Amen!!!

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 24 September 2012


Pride goes before destruction! I see sin as a slap in the face of God who created us. As if to say I am the lord of my own life and I can do whatever I choose….more or less to say I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do especially God. Our society has gotten to a point where men are blatantly daring God and will continue to do so until He finally proves himself. (Click here and tweet this).

The prince of the power of the air is now very much in control. His easiest method is that of lust- for power, money and sex. Sadly many have been caught in its web. Can a man ever be truly well if he separates himself from his true source,I doubt? When we sin we lose a part of ourselves to the deceptive power of the enemy. (Click here and tweet this).The nakedness that ensued in the Garden of Eden due to sin is still prevalent even when the blood of Jesus freely speaks of a divine covering.

Sin will rob you of yourself value and reduce you to nothing. (Click here and tweet this). The devil first sinned and due to it lost his first estate. His desire is to cause you to be a stateless person like himself. A wanderer who has nothing to lay claim on except the worldly system which has also be taken by Christ. Sin has nothing to give you except hell on earth and also in eternity. (Click here and tweet this).

There is nothing painful than to be a slave to something you were created to overcome. (Click here and tweet this). Yes, it doesn’t matter what you believe or disbelieve, the breath of God is what makes you who you are. Within the capsule of the breath of God is the knowledge of good. Deep within the recesses of your spirit is the purity of God which is seeking to dominate the evil and sinful persuasions of the flesh. (Click here and tweet this). This can only happen when emphasis is placed on the word of God as the only way to dominate sin. 

Becoming a slave to a vicious and tasking cycle of a lifestyle is debilitating.  (Click here and tweet this). The sole purpose of sin is this- to keep you as a puppet to the doings of the devil, to make sure your God given talents, skills, abilities and opportunities never yield its full measure and finally to make sure that you never make to heaven but end up in hell.

Measure your life not with what politicians say but what the word of God says. (Click here and tweet this). At the end of the day, politicians come and go but God’s word will abide forever. Find the answers to your sinful deeds in the word of God and never give up the struggle to be free from sin. (Click here and tweet this). No one is perfect but through Christ everyone can be perfected. This will only happen when Jesus becomes the Lord and centre of your life and everything you do.

Question: As a child of God, what have been some of the consequences of sinning? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Thursday, 20 September 2012


What is sin? Your guess might be as good as mine because the popular answer that sin is being separated from God will be given. Not good enough! It might be true to some extent. However, I believe there is a precursor to there being a separation. As maturity set in and after much study of God’s word, I asked myself this question- if holiness comes out of ones relationship with God and the practise of His word, where then does sin come from? I have concluded and can confidently say that "sin is a fundamental relationship". It isn’t a wrong doing but a wrong being. (Click here and tweet this). It is a deliberate and determined independence from God. It’s a premeditated rebellion against the word of God. (Click here and tweet this).

The 21st century has brought to bear the deep seated desire of man to be separated from anything God. (Click here and tweet this). There seems to be an amassing army of secularist demanding that “God” should be taken out of society. Yet the same people have no trouble advocating for anything sinful to flourish. It’s interestingly how most political leaders of our times advocate for sinful acts to flourish via their policies. (Click here and tweet this). Humanity seems to have been caught up in the web of the deception of the devil. Sin is now glamourized and glorified. Nevertheless, this attitude won’t negate what God’s word says about it.

Little do we hear even now in churches messages dwelling on sin and God’s redemptive plan? (Click here and tweet this). For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God describes the state of man before the redemptive plan of God was put in place. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank God for saving us from the condemnation the world was facing. But as many as received Jesus, he has given us the power to be His sons….sons of God and not of sin!

God doesn't tempt anyone with evil (sin) but a person’s lust does it all says (James 1:13-15).God doesn't TEMPT anyone but rather TRIES by His word. Everyone is alive and very much aware when they are being led into sin. (Click here and tweet this). How do I know this? Because I am a human being! The writer says temptation happens when we are drawn away by our own lust. This is where most get it wrong because once you talk about lust many immediately think about sex. Lust has an itch sex alone cannot scratch. Click here and tweet this) .

Watch what you have an insatiable craving for that you know will lead you into sin. The enemy doesn’t come with a billboard on which is written “I want to tempt you”. The devil will always entice you by what you lust after. (Click here and tweet this). Could it be the fame, music, money, man or woman? What is that TV show or magazine saying to your spirit person? Can you see where it’s leading to? Infact have you noticed you’ve change lately? These are some of the fundamental pointers you should be aware of in dealing with the cunning approach of the devil to entice us through lust.

Question: What does sin mean to you? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 17 September 2012

3MasterKeysOfSuccess – (3) “MONEY”

The final master key to determine how successful you will be is money. Is money really the root of all evil? Is that what the writer said? No and a big no! Money isn't the root of all evil...but the love or insatiable desire or the extreme pull for money at all cost is the root of all evil. (Click here and tweet this). When a person would want money at any cost without regard for due process, they are teetering towards evil. To be financially Successful, there ought to be an intent. Anyone desiring to be should be made aware of the need to properly manage their money. (Click here and tweet this). You can have the world greatest vision but without money, it will be meaningless. You can talk, hoop, jump and do all sorts of gimmicks but at the end of the day, society will demand to be shown the money. 

Until you recognise that the little you have is enough to support you and push you into your big, it becomes so easy to abuse it. (Click here and tweet this). If within a second you cannot tell what you'll do with a million pound, you wouldn't be able to tell what you'll do with a pound. Money does grow in trees I guess you have heard it a thousand times. Frugality is the new wealth! However money grows out of the implementation of your ideas.(Click here and tweet this). Nobody wants to invest in something the innovator hasn't. That is why yo need to have enough to start you in the pursuit of your vision.

Until your ideas are big enough to attract  major funding, the little that you have must be used to support your vision or you stand the risk of losing out. The early stages of any endeavour require the input of the bearer financially. You only need to be poor to realise how incapable you are in winning with your vision. (Click here and tweet this). Many should-have-been great individuals never amounted to anything because of the lack of finance. It's is said every poor person seems to have some great idea but are never able to materialise it. (Click here and tweet this). It’s sad because their poverty stops them from turning the virtue within into a reality.

Ecclesiastes 9:15 paints the picture of a city that was under attack from an enemy. Through the advice of a poor wise man, it was saved. It continues to say that after the war everyone forgot the poor wise man. Now you notice how the writer kept on using the phrase "poor wise man". The point here is that though he was wise he couldn't translate his wisdom into the acquisition of financial power. It’s a known fact that wisdom has the ability to draw things onto the possessor. (Click here and tweet this). Thus without a financial clout to support his wisdom , nobody took him serious.

Wisdom with financial power is an advantage.(Click here and tweet this) Every successful person knows that without money to support their endeavours, they will soon be forgotten. I doubt if it will be wise to spend the entirety of your life pursuing money. I personally believe that money is a reward that comes to those whose desire is to solve the ills of society. (Click here and tweet this). Once you learn how to manipulate your finance well, you will be granted access to so much to keep the cycle of financial power going. Always remember this- you're blessed to be a blessing onto others.

Question: What steps have you taken or are taking to secure your money? Leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

3MasterKeysOf Success - (2) "RELATIONSHIP"

The second most important master key of success is relationship. You will only go far in life based on the sort of relationships keep. Recently on this blog, I published my  "10commandments" for successful relationships. Interestingly we all relate on three levels- the spiritual, physical and synthetic. (Click here and tweet this).

You don't have to believe in God to know we are spiritual beings yet everything about you is spiritual. (Click here and tweet this). From telepathic feeling through to intuitions, your spirit man or woman is at work. We also relate to the physical world. Things we can see, touch and smell are things that happen in the physical and they cannot be disputed. The synthetic is made up of the manufactured things we so desire- from the likes of cars, clothes, buildings and every known toy of mankind.

How seriously do you measure the effect of your spiritual relationship? It affects your ability to be successful. I am a Christian thus my first and foremost spiritual assignment is to God through his son Jesus. (Click here and tweet this). My faith in God is what empowers my spirit man to function at a level that allows me the sanity I need in order to press on in life. The more I study the bible, the more I become aware of my spiritual inheritance. If you aren't a Christian yet, try giving your life to Jesus, you will never be disappointed. (Click here and tweet this)

The physical world is the only inheritance we have here on earth and the earlier we understand it the better it will be. We all dream of a utopian somewhere in the yonder. We can fly to the moon and do further exploration on Mars and when all that is done and dusted with, the physical world should matter most. (Click here and tweet this). We ought to do everything possible to make sure our world is safe and secure. The next generation is counting on your efforts.

Your contribution can either affect the beauty of this world positively or mar it negatively. (Click here and tweet this).  At the end of the day, the physical relationship we have counts to the success of an individual. It also shows how a person can work within the context of his environment inspite of the challenges thereof but still be a good keeper of what God has blessed mankind with.

The synthetic relationship stems out of the manufactured things all around. Don't deprive the world of your innovative ability. Imagine if there were no inventions? The world would have been a very sad and unproductive place to be. God has blessed you with the skills, talents and abilities not for jokes. Others are struggling to do what you easily do and vice versa. This is the reason why the synthetic world is waiting for your exploits. If you can do it give your best to the synthetic world and let others smile. Those who impact the world and the society we live in are people whose contributions in the form of talents, skills and abilities can be attested of. (Click here and tweet this).

Questions: What value do you give to your relationships? You can leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 10 September 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (10) PEOPLE MATTER!!

The pursuit of vision is daunting and risky. Often here and often there but sometimes never around! (Click here and tweet this). This excruciating aspect involved in the pursuit of one’s vision ought to alert us to this- never treat the people we are in a relationship with like the vision we are pursuing.  A critical look at this scripture and there is a semblance of what my 10th commandment is all about- what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

There is the tendency for you to sacrifice the other person in the pursuit of your vision. (Click here and tweet this). When wisdom isn’t attached to your passion, you will end up gaining the whole world but losing the most important aspect of life- people. When a person becomes so detached from the realities of this life, it becomes easy to forget people truly matter.  You need people in order for your vision to have significance. (Click here and tweet this). Without people life will be meaningless!

A survey conduct on patients who were dying proved that everyone needs “people”. They were asked what their last wishes were and many said “they wish they had spent a lot of time with their friends and family”. Unfortunately the insatiable desire to be successful at all cost stopped them from doing so. Many get so caught up with the vistas of the proceeds out of their vision and easily forget human beings matter. (Click here and tweet this). John C Maxwell says “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. You can have it all but at the end of the day but what really matters will be the lives you impacted not only with the proceeds of your vision but also with presence.

At the end of the day, people will always be around but everything you gain could be lost in the “fires” of life. Your relationship with people determines how successful or unsuccessful you will become. Every person you come across has something valuable to contribute to your upward mobility in life. If you position yourself strategically with the right kind of people, success will never elude you. (Click here and tweet this). Jesus though God, needed his PEOPLE (disciples) to function on earth. No one wins in isolation. You could be the world’s most gifted person but without the contribution of others, you will struggle to make it. Team up with the right kind of people and watch your relationship blossom. No great individual has broken this 10th commandment- understanding that people matter now and will always do in the near future. (Click here and tweet this).

I intentionally listed “people matter” as my 10th commandment when it comes to relationships. Everything in life hinges on human beings and your ability to relate to them will determine how successful you can become. Finally John C Maxwell says “use things to get people: don’t use people to get things”. Don’t get to the crucible of your life before you wished you had made sure that PEOPLE MATTER to you. (Click here and tweet this). Go and practise these 10 commandments and watch your relationships improve in all things pertaining to your life.

Question: What are you doing to show that people matter to you? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

3 Master Keys Of Success - (1) "KNOWLEDGE"

The first most important key in life needed in order to be successful is knowledge. Knowledge is power and there is no two ways about it. What you know determines how far you go in the corridors of influence in life. (Click here and tweet this). Many underestimate the important role knowledge plays in shaping society. You can be the world most talented individual yet it will take knowledge to help you make the difference. Recently I posted on my blog “applied knowledge is power” and it’s essential if you desire to win in life. Your ability to put your knowledge to work determines how much financial power you can command.

God values knowledge: His word categorically states that the lack of it has caused many to perish. Thus the simplest question to ask yourself will be this - what kind of knowledge do I need in order to thrive? The right kind of knowledge is what will set you apart from the rest. (Click here and tweet this). Not every whim of knowledge will be suitable for the purpose you've set yourself for in this life. Never be the type who will pursue a set kind of knowledge only to realise you don't have the passion for it any longer. Identify, pursue and excel in that which you are good at and have passion for.

The only time you will see the value of the knowledge you have is when you specialise in it.  Specialist knowledge put you in demand for a long time to come. (Click here and tweet this). Inspite of the credit crunch, many who have specialised knowledge are still in demand. Your relevance in the times we are living will stem from how quick you are to adapt to new knowledge. (Click here and tweet this). Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are all part of the new knowledge avenues in explosion. Anyone desiring to compete in today’s world should consider understanding the value of these platforms in order to enhance themselves. More so give out in terms of knowledge and vice versa.

Moore's law states that information changes every eighteen months and (probably with the advent of social media), it might be even shorter. You are only as current as the current information you have. (Click here and tweet this). Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times. When you put the knowledge you have into practice, your level of understanding will increase . As you mature in the knowledge you have, wisdom automatically becomes the experience that you have engendered. (Click here and tweet this)

When you master the knowledge that you have, pursuing the end product in mind becomes so easy. (Click here and tweet this). My desire is to see many acquire both godly and secular knowledge in order to function as balanced people in an ever dynamic society. Knowledge is the key to the unsearchable and being alive means spending if needs be your life pursuing it. May God reward your efforts and crown you with the fruits of your labour in your quest to be knowledgeable.

Questions: What does pursuing knowledge mean to you?
You can leave your comments on the blog!

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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