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Monday, 24 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (2.2) #WhereDoYouWantToGo #FINDINGYOURTHERE

“Life is in stages men are in sizes: go through the stages and watch God increase you in size”. JA II

Everyone at some point in life will be burnt by events.  You are going to be static or upwardly mobile because of what someone somewhere might say to you in terms of your purpose. (Copy and tweet).  It is by virtue of this that you should give yourself another chance and push towards the vision. Those who don’t give up in the dark times will surely see the light. (Copy and tweet).

Failure can be a stepping stone to success if only you will apply the lessons learnt during the failing. At some point in your life a person can become a victim of their circumstances but can also emerge as victors from it. (Copy and tweet). Can you give yourself this great opportunity and pick up the pieces? Because I know at first-hand what it means to be a victim yet being tagged a perpetrator-this is the attitude of society where oftentimes victims are tagged perpetrators. 

Everyone has a “but” yet your “but” should be one that will defy the negatives of the naysayers. (Copy and tweet). I recently heard about “negative motivation”. Some negative situations can become the push a person needs in order to take charge of their life. Everything that happens in a person’s life has some good in it. The way you perceive the situation is what matters. (Copy and tweet).

You cannot allow this opportunity to embark on your journey pass you by. Providence often provides us with scenarios and people but when we fail to make use of, they pass us by. (Copy and tweet). Having the audacity to dare your circumstances is a right God has freely given to every human being. It is not late as they want you to believe. Life is in stages men are in sizes: go through the stages and watch God increase you in size. (Copy and tweet).

Life for you is never going to be fulfilling unless you appear at your “there”. (Copy and tweet).  A Ghanaian proverb says “as long as we have life, we have everything”. It is an advantage to be alive.  If that which you went through did not kill you, it acknowledges you have the power to be an overcomer. It just came to test your fortitude. (Copy and tweet). 

My purpose is to encourage and also help you get to the place you have always wanted to with these easy and every day steps. I am practising what I have written so I truly empathize with every sentiments you might have. I have seen progress in a lot of stuff with where I want to go. Surely you too can. In all human journeys, these three fundamentals stand out- your map, Baggage, and destination. (Copy and tweet). You can get to your “there”!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (2.1) #WhereDoYouWantToGo #FIGHTINGTHECAUSE

“If you dare your circumstances,you'll find their weaknesses and win over them.”JA II 

The only thing no one can take from you is the power of your imagination. Your imagination allows you to have a preview of how glorious and victorious it will be for you to get to your “there”. (Copy and tweet). Reality sets in when you descend from your imaginative world to meet the ugly face of your challenges. This should push you to realise it takes a lot of smart work to get you to the place of your intended vision. Without the practical, living life will unexciting. (Copy and tweet).

Staying within the confines of your imaginative abilities without doing anything is equated to “wishing”.  Take the necessary steps needed as you wouldn’t have any solutions to your problems except when you begin to act. (Copy and tweet). Your greatness will not be achieved in a day, month nor in a year but the seeds for it can be sown immediately. (Copy and tweet). There are some who postpone their journey every year and are never up for it. One of these days means none of these days as an old English proverb states.

We are quick to blame most who have no desire to pursue their “there” anymore. On the contrary, many are reeling from the shock they might have suffered in their quests and unfortunately are still recovering from it. I believe it is painful when you have been exposed to several failures. Anyone can deal with failure at some point but when the cycle keeps repeating, it kills the resilient Spirit you once started with. (Copy and tweet).

As a result, many lose the fervor to push forward in the face of eminent failure and debilitating issues. (Copy and tweet). These things have the tendency to affect your self-belief and make it difficult for you to garner strength to carry on with the journey. For my brothers and sisters who have had such an unfortunate experience, this is a reality of life. The meaning you give to these unfortunate situations is what matters. (Copy and tweet).  It is within your power to turn these situations around as everyone has been endowed by their creator.

You did not lose when things went sour: you lost when you decided not to dare your circumstances anymore. (Copy and tweet). The failure happened when you sat down and began looking adversely at you and what you have done.  The failure happened because of your doings not because of you as a person. No human being fails per se, their endeavours do. Don’t be too quick to write yourself off. (Copy and tweet). Visit your memory bank of your past victories and this should stir you up to try once more. 

There is no impossibility without a possibility- check the spelling! (Copy and tweet).  Even if you should separate the “im” from the rest of the word impossibility, you have “I ‘m possibility”. (Copy and tweet). When in humility you accept that you’ve made some mistakes, you are given the power to live and win again. (Copy and tweet). You have to pick up the pieces and begin to live life to the max again. It’s in this that strength and joy can be found again in doing that which you have always wanted to do. 

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A. Have you ever thought of giving up, not once, nor twice but severally? 


Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 17 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (2.0) #WhereDoYouWantToGo #ENVISIONINGTHEFUTURE

“The journey of a ten thousand miles begins in the mind”- Joe Akuoko II
Every step one takes leads to a place! People say it is the end that will always justify the means. By now I know that it’s the means that justifies the end. (Copy and tweet). The process a person subjects themselves to in fulfilling a dream is what determines the results. Life is a journey and regardless of how well one plans, you are bound to have bumps, breakdowns, detours, frustrations, ill wishes and accidents. (Copy and tweet). This doesn’t mean you should quit. If you don’t, one of these days in the midst of all the negatives, there is bound to be some good. (Copy and tweet). Your ability to follow a plan on your journey in life is paramount as it goes a long way to minimise a lot of the hardships others encounter.  

There is a place called “there” in every one and this is what gives meaning to our existence as humans. (Copy and tweet). Whatever you do should be as a result of your desire to achieve your “there”. Unbeknownst to most, we subconsciously work, live, love with the main aim of getting to our “there”….it’s the quiet utopia the resides in the spirit of every person. (Copy and tweet). Interestingly, like in every endeavour, our mind gives us vistas of how our lives can be and our bodies begin the process of achieving it. It represents a place where fulfillment can be easily grasped. It is not a mirage or a fantasy but a reality which with hard work (smart work) can be attained. (Copy and tweet).

You will never be satisfied until you get to the place destiny is calling you to. When you are at the beck and call of destiny, you find no joy in anything except that which you are pursuing. (Copy and tweet). What it takes for one to achieve the vision of their “there” is not easily practised by many who claim to have an insatiable desire for it.  The price to pay and the discipline needed to overcome the challenges is very daunting. Only a few truly stick their heads in the struggle to win! (Copy and tweet). 

Once you are set for great things in this life, struggles become part of your daily existence. (Copy and tweet). As you keep at it, that which is holding onto your success will eventually let go off it. Persistence is what breaks the will! As the struggle was real for all the great ones we revere, so shall it be for you. If they were not overcome, but the opposite happened, you are just about to win this glorious victory God has destined for your life. My plea to you however is that never just struggle but do so with the right kind of knowledge.

If I should ask you this question “where do you want to go”, it is obvious you are going to tell me about a place? That place could be the achievement of a vision, purpose, degree etc. (Copy and tweet). Though nebulous yet very exciting whenever the idea of your “there” comes into mind. 

Talk About It -

A. Where Do You Want To Go?

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 10 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (1.2) DISCOVER YOU

"...And God created "YOU" in His IMAGE (paraphrased).

There isn’t any nobility in copying yet for many, it seems it’s the easy way out. Finding your own path in life and being guided by divine principles gives peace more than just following others because something worked for them.  (Copy and tweet). Things don’t work for everyone the same way: what worked for someone wouldn’t necessarily work for you. There is so much nobility in being a pioneer! Every one that made a name in history and in our times was bold enough to pioneer something. (Copy and tweet).

Funny enough, if you want to be successful, the best pill to swallow is the one labelled “you can’t do it”.  (Copy and tweet). That which is stored in you has been crying to be let out in order to be expressed. Your duty and the greatest service to yourself and those whose lives are tied to yours is to do something with what you’ve been blessed with.  Remember the enormity of the work of artistry that went into creating you!

The question “who are you” carries with it so much potency that if you will spend time introspectively to search and to ask questions, you’ll be furnished with all the possible answers. (Copy and tweet).  Countless number of people spends their lives worshipping others for their ingenuity, yet fails to make use or watch their opportunities go waste. (Copy and tweet). Grave mistake! I have every right to applaud someone for their skill or ability but I have no right to sit and watch my own go waste. (Copy and tweet). You are not different from the winner in terms of gifts, abilities and sometimes opportunities.  Your difference is found in whether you will act or not on a given opportunity.

My mother instilled in me the value of understanding the power of one’s self. She made sure I understood that anytime something holds you bound, you will never experience the fullness of what you could have become. (Copy and tweet). It will be painful to go through life and never win. It’s even more heart wrenching when you knew you could have won but never yielded when the opportunity arose. (Copy and tweet).

I am great not because a person conferred it on me but because I am learning to understand who I am. (Copy and tweet). You are truly great when you understand yourself! With God being the ultimate, the greatest asset you have before you embark on any quest be it educational, financial or relational is you. If God has been so faithful in not taking “you” away from “you”, then you ought to win. Why? Because the future matters!

From the way I see it, only a few have truly paid the price to understand themselves before engaging with the realities of life. (Copy and tweet). The future I believe belongs to those who understand these three controlling factors- Self- Awareness, Self- Upliftment and Self- Empowerment. This is what will hinge a person onto a foundation from which they can build enduring success. Your future is waiting for you to win it over! (Copy and tweet).

Monday, 3 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (1.1) DISCOVER YOU

"Cogito Ergo sum": I think therefore I am” - Rene Descartes

Success or failure begins with the “individual”. Nothing will ever happen without your involvement. (Copy and tweet).  I have constantly emphasised on the fact that a person who desire to win should take all the time available to them and do this –study into understanding who they are. All that mass education did was to teach us what others said and did. However, the education we receive from life teaches us to understand who we are and the power freely given to us by God. (Copy and tweet).

We are groomed to be nice, do a lot and go the extra mile for others. We have been conditioned by society to relate to others better than ourselves. Thus many of us walk around with a mindset of guilt if they can’t answer to the demand of the next person. (Copy and tweet). Try making sure you matter first and you are termed selfish. The bible said love your neighbour as yourself – meaning give to your neighbour the same love you have for yourself.  You Matter first in all things! For me, a person’s true value and sense of worth can only be discovered when painstakingly they take time to discover themselves. (Copy and tweet). I believe that it’s only through a person’s self-discovery that they can conquer the challenges of life.

True self- discovery can be equated to self- awareness! (Copy and tweet). It’s only in undertaking the journey of self- discovery that the revelation needed for your success can be found. Human nature is such that we all love winning and hate losing yet only a few are prepared to pursue this simplest strategy of self-discovery in order to win the future. (Copy and tweet). 

The journey to winning the future starts with you I repeat! Patience is the key as you embark on this journey.  Eventually the one who dares wait and exercises patience gets the results. (Copy and tweet). Patience after all is a virtue! Providence often rejects us when we fail to maximise all the gifts and opportunities we've been blessed with but rather question its intentions by our fears and weaknesses. (Copy and tweet). Until you "DISCOVER YOU", your winnings will always be enjoyed by someone. The future is nebulous yet the preparation that starts with you is what will propel you into winning the future. (Copy and tweet).

Talk About It -

A. What other things do you think can "HELP" us win the future?

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