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Monday, 15 July 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (3.1) #IdentifyWhatYouNeed - #YouAreNotAVictim

Many are bitter and angry simply because they’ve bought into the idea that someone is the cause of their predicament.  (Copy and tweet). The blame culture is very much rife in our times. Who therefore is to be blamed for their predicament? One could argue the absence or lack of opportunities, proper education etc. This might be true to some extent. However, after blaming everyone you still have to live your life. This is why the little you have could be used as the seed for anything you desire to achieve. (Copy and tweet).

We die once but we live daily through the grace of God. Thus every decision must count for a better tomorrow. (Copy and tweet). Be you a homemaker, bus driver or nurse, there is something you desire to accomplish before you die. You are not alone! The sad news is that not everyone will work smart with the opportunities presented. 

The difference between two people is the level of knowledge, the quality of people and financial help they have in times of need. (Copy and tweet). Money isn’t the primary object for the fulfilment of your vision per se but it’s about your ability to motive others with your vision. If you are bold enough, you will be able to determine the course of your destiny. Boldness is all you need especially when all have given up on you. (Copy and tweet).

Everyone is waiting to see how you will turn out. We are all surrounded by so great a cloud of witness -some wishing your downfall, others are nonchalant about your plans whilst all others are still praying and believing that you can make it. We all live life hoping to make it but just hoping is not enough until practical steps are in place. (Copy and tweet).

Your value as a human being is equated to your ability to make use of everything God freely gave to you.  (Copy and tweet). With this in mind, the negativity you have been accustomed to shouldn’t be a defeating factor. Every situation has some good in it. The world is waiting for your contribution. You are not a victim!

Talk About It -

A. Do you feel like  you are VICTIM sometimes in your quest to win the future?
B.  What steps have you taken  to shed off the VICTIM mentality?


Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 8 July 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (3.0) #IdentifyWhatYouNeed

..but my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory- Philippians 4:19
Everybody needs help in order to be a “somebody”.  (Copy and tweet). You can’t do it alone when it comes to your success. I doubt if any sensible individual desiring to go places, will even think of rejecting help when it comes to their need. (Copy and tweet).  Even if you are gifted, it takes the input of others to give meaning to it. Whenever you act like you don’t need help, you will never assimilate into greater heights as you so wish.The most important question you should ask yourself at this point – is who and what do you need to arrive at your destination? There are three fundamental keys you cannot ignore when it comes to the question of what you need in order to win in this life. Great people never ignored the need for these three- Knowledge, People and Money. (Copy and tweet).

It is easy to look at these three major components and shrug off your responsibility of acquiring and working with them. It’s your duty to look for and work with them. Unfortunately, without a proper combination of the three, it will be difficult to get results from your toils. There is a general misconception that you need money before a plan. On the contrary I believe you need a plan before the money. Without a plan, money is always abused. (Copy and tweet).

It is the plan, the discovery of opportunities and the knowledge attached to it that makes the difference. (Copy and tweet). By your plan you can attract the investment you need. Even though you have a choice on what knowledge and people you need, your source of funding should be credible as any ill-gotten financial help will rear its ugly head some day in your life. (Copy and tweet).  Many have fallen from grace to grass because they chose to work with the wrong set of values. You will always be found out if not in the now it will be in the future.

I believe in a workable and a meticulous plan. I struggle to function when a plan is not in place. Living your life without a proper approach to planning only leads to chaos. (Copy and tweet). Poverty abounds much where I come from due to the lack of planning and the poor mismanagement of resources. We live almost forgetting that when we fail to plan, then we absolutely plan to fail. (Copy and tweet).

Having a properly managed strategy as you move along to win is not something you can take for granted. I had the privilege of being taught a lot about the need for quality management for the price at hand. Everything needs to be properly managed for results. (Copy and tweet).  The lack of results most of the times is due to the mismanagement of either time or the resources available to us. This whole process is about your life and it behooves on you to manage every detail of it. I don’t think you will take for granted how your life should turn up. (Copy and tweet).

Talk About It -

A. To Win, there are things you need. What is yours?


Joe Akuoko II

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