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Monday, 25 February 2013

God’s "SetUps" (1)

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose”. - Romans 8:28

Does God really set His children up? What about "ALL" things working together for the good of them that love God and are the called according to the purpose of God? Does the scripture have any relevance to what God does? Believers easily rattle the above scripture yet you only need to endure the challenges of life to truly come to terms with what it really means.(Copy and tweet). The only time any scripture becomes significant is when its applied to a person's life. Popular opinion is simply not the opinion of God. If God desires that you go through the valley, it’s only through the valley that you will go. (Copy and tweet).

Earlier on in ministry, it was easy to pray for people going through a particular situation with an assurance for a way out. The desire was for a quick relief out of the problem. Yet after a while nothing seemed to happen. Many became despondent and angry because God seemed not to be quick in delivering them. (Copy and tweet). We the labourers in God’s vineyard lacked an understanding regarding the “set ups” used by God in strengthening His children. We kept reassuring people of a way out howbeit in the immediate. Many left without seeing the manifestation of the promise of an immediate release. Was it part of God's set ups?

Now the scales have fallen off my eyes, I know a truth - God has His “set ups" and He alone understands why He does these things. (Copy and tweet). I remind myself of the answer the Shunamite woman gave the Prophet Elisha even when her son had died- Is all well asks the Prophet? Yes, it is well said the woman even when her only son had died? Even the good, the bad and the ugly are all part of God's plans for a person so they can say it is well even when it isn't. (Copy and tweet).

Two extremities could be deduced when a person is facing the challenges of life - on the one hand could be God’s own set up which only produces good at the end of the day. (Copy and tweet). Whilst on the other side, the deception of the enemy will be at work. The tendency to keep fighting even when the fight is over is rife especially when all you know is to fight. (Copy and tweet).  Sometimes we get so used to the situation instead of the solution so much so that we forget there is always an end to a situation. (Copy and tweet). This is the deception of the devil to keep believers fighting when they are meant to quit and begin possessing.

I know you might have experienced some sort of “keep fighting” even when it’s over.  When the Israelites got to the promise land, the strategy was to worship and not to fight physically. (Copy and tweet). This is what brought down the walls of Jericho. (Copy and tweet). God had moved in strategy and thank God they had a leader who understood God's "SetUp". 

God's "setup" will be initiated in a believers life whether if they are ready or not. Its part of God's strategy to churn out the power of faith and total reliance on His word in a person's journey of faith. (Copy and tweet). Get ready for God's "setup".

Talk About it-

A. Why do you think God sets His people up?
B. Have you experience God's Setup in your life? 

In His Service

J. Akuoko II


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