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Monday, 22 September 2014

#PuttingYourSeedToWork (3)

"For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own SERVANTS, and delivered on to them his GOODS. And unto one he gave five talents and to another two and to another one; to every man according to his SEVERAL ABILITY and straightway took his journey.. #Matthew25:14-

I am sure by now there is an understanding regarding your seed (ideas, talents, abilities, etc). From reading #ThePowerOfYourSeed to #TheNatureOfYourSeed, I have prepared and made you  familiar with what a seed is. God is the one that gives seed to the sower. Until you are a sower, you are not qualified to demand a seed. (Tweetable?DoIt) The scripture above points us to certain fundamental truths- whatever you have as a gift is given by God, that we are his servants (given the gift to serve his purpose) and finally we are all given these gifts according to our several ability. No one is disenfranchised when it comes to God!

In order to profit from their seeds, these servants were meant to put it to work. Understand there isn't a king who will give his goods without first training the recipients. Servants won't necessarily know the desire of their master unless they are train and taught what to do.  If you recognise your seed came from God, then you also should understand He alone can teach you the processes by which you can profit from it. (Tweetable?DoIt) The seed was given so you will profit from it by putting it to work. How you may ask? By following the methodologies through which you were tutored by God. If you take your journey straight away without analyzing over and over the steps involved, you might crash along the way. (Tweetable?DoIt).  

As you read further on the above scripture, you will notice these servants were given their seeds according to their several ability. (Tweetable?DoIt). The one who deserved five was given five accordingly, the two likewise and the one also. The first two excelled with their seeds whilst the last one buried his.  In verses 16 through to 18, certain words are made public regarding the sort of training they received ;traded, gained and buried are mention. I am sure they were taught how to trade, gain but never to bury their talents. Have you buried your gift instead of trading with it? Don't you know gifts, abilities and talents don't work themselves and that you the possessor should do something with it? It's about time you put it to work. Your seeds ability to multiply is in you putting it to work. 

To understand how to #PutYourSeedToWork, here are four basic concepts you need to grasp : 

A. There ought to be SEPARATION (These servants were separated from the rest).

B. You will be TRAIN (thought how to trade, gain).

C. You will have to EXPOSE your gift at the right time.

D. There will be accountability.


What does putting your seed to work mean to you?

Joe Akuoko II

Thursday, 11 September 2014

TheNatureOfTheSeed (2)

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." -Genesis 8:22

Understanding the nature of your seed (idea, talent, ability) is the key to you accessing and maximising the best of God for your life.(Tweetable?DoIt). Until you understand the nature of your seed, it will become difficult to excel in your chosen field. God's intended purpose is for you to win cheaply and easily. Life for you in Christ isn't meant to be tough, it is meant to be easy! (Tweetable?DoIt).

Your seed has its nature and the principles attached to it must be adhered to for greater harvest. (Tweetable?DoIt). The challenges of your life isn't because of your colour, accent, size or height but because you haven't taken time to understand what the nature of your seed is. Understanding is more important than process.(Tweetable?DoIt) Without a level of understanding regarding the nature of your seed, your process will be meaningless. 

Knowledge about the nature of your seed is empowering whilst the information regarding it is liberating. (Tweetable?DoIt). Every seed God gives an individual is meant to make room for you and your generation. Sometimes it is easy to ignore the facts and assume you can make use of your seeds. No one has ever become significant in life by ignoring the steps it takes to maximise your seed. (Tweetable?DoIt).

To understand the #Nature of your seed, here are five basic concepts you need to grasp : 

A. Every seed germinates over a period of time (process of time) (seed time )

B. Everyone has been given a seed (As long as the earth remains)

C. God has to approve of your seed. (Giver of the seed)

D. The seed stage is the most vulnerable of every vision. (The beginning really matters)

E. The seed will surely produce a harvest ( harvest).

With this in mind, take your time and move on according to the plan of God for your seed. You are only as good as how you sow your seed. 


What does "The nature of your Seed to you?

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 1 September 2014

#ThePowerOfTheSeed (1)

......that it may give SEED to the sower... #Isaiah55/10

God is the one who gives seed to the sower. The epitome of all great endeavours begins with the seed. (Tweetable?DoIt). God has never given greatness per se but He has always given a seed. It is within the confines of the seed that every great vision, purpose or idea is. Seed is given to sowers; people who are prepared to put to work and maximise the potential of the seed they carry or are given. (Tweetable?DoIt). He that had, much is given to them but he who hasn't, even what they have is taken away. Selah!

You are not poor, frustrated or struggling, you have just not discovered your seed or better still, the value it carries. Nothing in life begins with an already fulfilled plan. It all starts small and with the individual's input backed by heaven, the best out of it is gotten. Your next endeavour wouldn't be scuppered by any devil but your lack of effort to step up to the challenge. (Tweetable?DoIt). Understand this, as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will never cease.This means God is still dishing out seeds and harvests to willing persons.(Tweetable?DoIt)

I define success as the ability to discover your seed, the location it will grow and the "how to" in maximise its profitability as revealed to you by God. 

To #Understand the power of your seed, here are a few tips :-

A. Everyone has a seed (Isaiah 55:8)
B. Every seed germinates over a period of time (the process of time) (Genesis 8:22)
C. The seed stage is the most vulnerable and its where the attack of the enemy is targeted. (Matthew 13:25)
D. God has to approve of your seed. (John 3:27,33)


What does "The Seed" mean to you?

Joe Akuoko II

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