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Monday, 20 May 2013

#HowToInspirePeople - (3) Love

Genuine love surpasses all the glitter of gold! (Copy and tweet).  A new commandment I give you- love your neighbour as yourself Jesus tells us. Genuine love isn’t only the one that exists between two married individuals….but the one that needs no affiliation to be expressed. Many are hurting out there, most methods have failed, hope in life seems dim yet genuine LOVE can change lives for the better. (Copy and tweet).

There is something about being a "human being" (I bet none of us have been aliens before Lol) and being the recipient of  genuine love. (Copy and tweet).  This love needs no bribe or something done for it because it flows naturally. To lead people, to be a great friend, husband, wife, daughter and son calls for a dying to your needs in order that of others will be fulfilled. Interestingly, only a few will be able to give out genuine love as society has groomed us to demand something in return when giving out. (Copy and tweet).

The writer in the book of Hebrews 16/7 talks about there being the death of the testator if his testament is to be believed and enforced. Until you are ready to die to the mistake, hurts, frustration meted against you, practising genuine love in order to inspire others won’t happen. (Copy and tweet). I have learnt that not everyone will have the same opportunities, open doors, gifts that I have been blessed with. Thus I see it as a duty to give out in order to see others inspired who I know will go out to give onto others what they have received. (Copy and tweet).

I am constantly seeking to inspire others by recommending books, places, leaders, videos that can be of help to their purpose in life. A kind word, a pat on the back, a look of appreciation can make so much difference in the life of a person. You never know who will be of help to you the next time. (Copy and tweet). Understand this- that we are all spiritual beings and if your love isn't genuine, you will be found out.

To ease the burden of life for others, kindly learn how to inspire with genuine love. (Copy and tweet). Christ the son of God didn’t relent on saving humanity if genuine love wasn’t at work. In Gethsemane, he had every chance to renege on his promises but didn’t allow his desire of being free to stop him from dying for us. Through his death, we are inspired to live for others. (Copy and tweet).

Talk About It -

A. What other ways do you think people can be shown genuine LOVE?


Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 13 May 2013

#HowToInspirePeople - (2) Praise

Praise is the spirit that propagates success in any endeavour of a person. The lack of it stifles a person’s abilities leaving them handicapped. Every person you meet in life has something they would want to be praised on. (Copy and tweet). Those who win with people are the ones who truly understand this phenomenal strategy and apply it. Everyone is born with the need for praise. (Copy and tweet).

Peter was the only one who could define Jesus as Christ sent from God. Based on that, Jesus praised him because “flesh and blood” had not revealed that to him. He was subsequently given the keys of the kingdom of heaven. From Peter the fisherman to being praised and empowered with the keys of the kingdom, is something he never thought of. (Copy and tweet). Subsequent stories of Peter in the bible will prove that when someone is praised, they automatically switch on their “able” side and begin to do more. (Copy and tweet).

Every human being has been blessed with qualities that are endearing and uplifting. (Copy and tweet). The sad thing is that no one can praise themselves as this might lead to self-deification and arrogance. Lucifer’s thoughts of being like god by praising his “I” abilities caused him his position as recorded in Isaiah chapter 14. (Copy and tweet). I believe God has given genuine people like you and I the power to lift people up through well-deserved praises.

When you praise others for their accomplishments what you are inadvertently telling them is this – “you can do more because I believe in your abilities”. (Copy and tweet).  If you continuously praise them highly for their characteristics and achievements, it really puts fire in their hearts….people will always do more for you if you praise them genuinely. In these times where almost everyone seems afraid of what tomorrow might bring economically, the best way to motivate people isn’t to find fault with them but to look for their good points and praise them for those. (Copy and tweet).

Be you a leader, father, mother, visionary, a friend etc, it might seem easier to find faults with the people within your care. However, I have come to understand that the more you hammer on people’s faults, the more hardened and rebellious they become. (Copy and tweet). May be a switch to praise will do the trick. When a person is praised it automatically causes them search within themselves on how they can become better. Where being better might mean finding ways by which they can deal with their weaknesses and faults. (Copy and tweet).

In your Christian walk, never forget to release your praise every now and then. One thing God never does is to praise Himself. (Copy and tweet).  The power of praise that emanates from us to Him causes God to move beyond all power to show Himself strong on our behalf. Throughout the bible, praise has been a secret weapon by which insurmountable challenges have been dealt with.  (Copy and tweet).

To excel in life, two things will cause you to stand out- learning to praise God and people. (Copy and tweet). I have coin out this acronym out of the word “p -raise” (P will always represent people who raise. Raise who…. raise anyone who they come across with kind words that motivate?) (Copy and tweet).

Talk About It -

A. What other things can “PRAISE” do for people?


Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 6 May 2013

#HowToInspirePeople - (1) Recognition

It’s an inherent nature of man to want recognition. (Copy and tweet). We were created with a desire for fellowship from which should stem the recognition of who we are. We often lie to ourselves when it comes to wanting recognition. Earning that amount of money, wearing the designer clothes, living in that house etc are all good yet those things I think only give a false sense of recognition. They are additives! Pain is pain regardless of who you are and what you have. (Copy and tweet).

Many fight for their rights as a way of demanding recognition which I find nothing wrong with.  However, in our day to day living, we don’t need a government legislature to be enacted into law before we gain recognition. We can easily reach out to the next person and relieve them of the burdens life without a fight with the powers that be. (Copy and tweet).

There is nothing wrong with wanting recognition but when it leads to narcissistic tendencies, you ought to watch out. Paying special attention to others and hailing due praises engenders a feel of acceptance which also empowers in the long run. (Copy and tweet). In psychology, I believe they call it rewards.

Recent events in the world have either demotivated or totally killed the self –esteem of many. They are desperately looking for a way to kick start the joy and enthusiasm they once had. From our daily fear of further financial meltdown and political instability, recognising someone for the little they do is something that empowers the average person to want to do more. (Copy and tweet).

I have often said recognition is a part of man that God left for the other person to add. (Copy and tweet). We all get bog down with a lot during the course of our lives. Interestingly, many never find a way out to break free. You and I could alleviate someone’s burden by showing how much we recognise them for their love, kindness and care. (Copy and tweet).

Music, movies, books can inspire us up to some point.  A pat on the back, notes of thank you, a look with affirmation etc are ways by which we can tell others we recognise their value. (Copy and tweet).  To be inspired by someone who values you is also a great way to stir yourself up. In order to touch the core of a person, learn to recognise them for who they are – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (fears). (Copy and tweet).  A bit of business application there Lol!

Never let a day pass without you smiling at someone, saying thank you or doing something to uplift the other person. (Copy and tweet). Make it a point to be a “people’s recogniser” in the practise sense of the word. I make it my duty to lift people up every day of my life. Remember the Bible recognises the power and value of words. Yes there are several ways to recognise a person but the greatest of them all I believe are the words we speak to each other to show we recognise them. (Copy and tweet).

Talk About It -

A. What other ways do you think people can be recognised?

Joe Akuoko II

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