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Monday, 16 September 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (4.3) #HowDoYouWantToGetThere #DivineAccountability

The story of the King who when travelling gave talents to his servants, is a typical example of how people miss getting to their “there”. Especially when they refuse to work with instructions and give accountability. Three servants out of the many were chosen for this purpose. Remember they were chosen out of the benevolence of the King. It was an opportunity for them be freed from servitude forever. (Copy and tweet).

We understand no King or leader will choose people for a task without first training them. (Copy and tweet). Two of the servants saw themselves as people who were free and took the opportunity with both hands. They worked with everything they were given and profitted from it. The other failed to put into practise the instruction and failed bitterly.

When the King came back, he demanded accountability which only two servants successfully did. They had obeyed the instructions, rendered their accounts with excellence whilst the unprofitable servant did the exact opposite. It was from the King’s final judgement that we know they were even taught how to give their money to the bankers for profit.  His lack of a satisfying accountability brought a harsh judgement of the King on him. He was subsequently sentenced to eternal pain and poverty.

Know that of a surety, a person’s ability to work with instructions determines how their results will be. (Copy and tweet). It also typifies a person’s preparedness to achieve success. Anyone who excelled or is excelling is a person given to instructions and accountability. Until you read the instruction on the manual of your life, I am afraid you won’t achieve as much as you thought. (Copy and tweet).  You won’t be able to honestly account for every gift God has given you and fail to be significant as you desire. By now am sure you must have a clear idea of how your “there” will look like as your every effort will never go unrewarded. (Copy and tweet).

I recently visited a very prominent individual and the most thought on my mind which I subsequently asked was how does it feel when one gets to their “there”? I was expecting him to tell me about the everyday strategies and the dos and don’ts but the answers I received were quite different; dreams beget dreams I was told, and that it’s very rewarding. (Copy and tweet).

 3 Things That Happens When We Fail To Give Accountability

1.     We lose what we were already given
2.    We are condemned to a life of harshness and pain
3.    We will never get to our “there”

Talk About It -

A. Can you given account for every gift God has freely blessed you with?

B. Why do you think people fail to give account ? 

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 9 September 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (4.2) #HowDoYouWantToGetThere #DivineInstruction

Every “GPS” has a manual in which the instructions for working it out have been written. For some, the “how to” will not be readily available. This  might be due to the lack of resources especially money. However, the basic know-how available to all human beings is instruction. Every vision, dream or purpose has an instruction attached to it. (Copy and tweet) Often times, we assume you can just get up and get things done without researching the instructions attached to it. Until you understand an instruction thereof, you’ll struggle to get things done the right way. (Copy and tweet).

The purpose of any instruction is to serve as the guideline for anything you do. Everything in this life has a unique instruction attached to it. (Copy and tweet). Those who are able to decipher instructions, make the most of time. What instructions are attached to the gift, talents, opportunities etc that you have? As long as you adhered to the instructions attached to your purpose, you will be safe from further distractions. (Copy and tweet). 

The world has been created with laws and any attempt to circumvent it will create chaos. (Copy and tweet).  Laws like sowing and reaping works to the letter. As long as the Earth remains, seed time and harvest time will never cease. Thus in order to be successful in getting to your “there”, you have to be well adept with the instructions provided for your journey. The negative forces of life will always seek to fight you. Without a clear cut understanding of the instructions you are to work with, it will be difficult to defeat them. (Copy and tweet). Partial adherence won’t give the results you desire! Even if by your strength you cannot practise the instructions given, help can always be found through the experiences of others. 

When you feel like taking the short cut, spend time and question the viability of achieving a dream, vision or a purpose without its instructions. (Copy and tweet).  As long as you believe in your “there”, you have the duty of practising the instructions that come with it. Successful people do one thing- they obey the instructions of their daily routine....this is what leads them into their success. (Copy and tweet).

Talk About It -

A. Are you using the "manual" of your #DivineGPS?

B. Where Do you fall short with Divine Instructions for your "THERE"?

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 2 September 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (4.1) #HowDoYouWantToGetThere #DivineGPS

What is a “there”? It’s a nebulous place in the spirit of everyone which constantly speaks of their purpose, vision and aim in life. (Copy and tweet). There are several means by which a person can get to their “there”. However you can get a lot more done by choosing only the most efficient, beneficial and cost effective and less time consuming means to get “there”. The tom-tom out of all the navigation gadgets has become phenomenal. This is due to its accuracy when it comes to predicting and giving exact coordinates for directions. Its accuracy is determined by the coordinates or addresses you feed it with. It will only give you the results of the coordinates that you submit to it.
Inbuilt equally in any human being is a natural divine positioning system that allows a person to map out the road to their “there”. (Copy and tweet). Remember just like the tom-tom, it will only give you the “there” you impute into it. As long as the coordinates or addresses given is synonymous to your “there", it will surely take you.  
The question “how do you want to get to your “there” is one which a lot of people will claim to know the answer. However, statistics has proven only a few will truly work at it. These take time to investigate the process thoroughly before embarking on it. Anyone who desires results in life should not live by wishful thinking.  It is at this point that the power of imagination is needed. Your ability to think a thought, vision, or plan through is known as imagination. (Copy and tweet) God in his infinite wisdom has provided a canvas called the mind for the conception of all great ideas. This has been done with the hope that when an idea, map or purpose is conceived, its energy will push the beholder to act on it.

Imagination does not give the manifestation or the results you desire. It is the stepping stone into receiving what you’ve always wanted.  (Copy and tweet). I wonder how many have ideas of their “there” stuck up in their imagination? It is sweet when you daydream but many of us have been stuck in it for far too long. (Copy and tweet). The “there” is innate with every person you meet or talk to. It’s silent yet very evident in our lives. We live, get up and go to work, love with it in our mind but how many truly give it even the slightest opportunity?

No inventor allows the imagination of his vision to get stuck up in his mind. (Copy and tweet). Rather they moved barriers to work it into existence. I love the name of the Parent company that invented the Blackberry phone –“Research In Motion”. If their research into making Blackberry phones is still in motion, then we must get ready for their best is yet to come. 

The seed of any great idea starts as a thought and through the power of imagination, it is given pictures for the minds’ eye to interpret. (Copy and tweet). When the desire for what make sense to the mind increases, we seek help to make it a reality. Until you start the inception of your ideas and create the foundation for the others to follow, you will never know how the finished product might look like. (Copy and tweet).

Talk About It -

A. Are you in tune with your divine GPS?

B. What have you imputed into your divine GPS and is it taking you to your "THERE"?

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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