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Monday, 29 October 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (3) Beliefs

Even nothing produces something called nothing! (Copy and tweet this). No single human being on earth can claim that they don’t have any beliefs. Is there anything like a vacuum when it comes to beliefs? I doubt! Your beliefs go a long way to shape the way you live your life. (Copy and tweet this). Whatever you believe in has the power to shape your thoughts, words, habits and actions. (Copy and tweet this).  

The common denominator or pointer for most beliefs is normally religion- whether organised or self- thought.  You can also consider superstitions as being a sort of belief either handed down or self-taught. (Copy and tweet this). It shows how we are in awe of that which we cannot comprehend. Deep within the core of every human being is a system of beliefs they live by. It’s something that God wired into the DNA of man and it cannot be disputed. (Copy and tweet this).   

From a religious perspective, worship of a deity has been central to the existence of almost every human being. (Copy and tweet this). When the Apostle Paul saw the inscription “to the unknown god”, on the altar on Mars hill, he knew it was an opportunity to introduce the people to the true but unknown God they had been searching for.  

Aside religion, we all have various things we believe in. We find peace and tranquility whenever we activate or access that belief system. (Copy and tweet this). I believe in God through Jesus Christ, smart work, talents and skills, humanity, the acquisition of both secular and biblical knowledge, traditional family values, in faith rather than luck and my list could go on. I have tried to exist in this life and even in the face of uncertainty by holding on to what my belief teaches. (Copy and tweet this). This is what has created the faith I have about breaking through in my tomorrow. By this and every little effort made, a person is able to win without any encumbrances. 

A person’s ability to know who they are stems from the beliefs that form the core of their existence. This becomes a reference point in all matters pertaining to their life. You need to maintain and keep challenging your belief system as life goes on. It allows you to strengthen where you are weak and let go of outmoded ones . What you believe in most becomes the fundamental “belief tower”. (Copy and tweet this). 

You serve and live this life based on the most important belief you have. An individual cannot be different from what they believe in. We speak, act and even associate based on what we have belief in. The belief that human enhancement is vital empowers a person to stretch their abilities wide and far. (Copy and tweet this). To live for flimsy things and to satisfy the whims of the flesh cuts short a person’s desire for longevity. (Copy and tweet this).

Many have been blessed and have had their lives changed because they found out that in belief they can exercise faith. You do believe in something! I hope you will find time to discover what it is. However I pray yours will be in God and also to uplift and better the lives of others. The question you should be asking yourself however is this- is your belief system adequate enough to help you survive hard times? (Copy and tweet this). If not, desire to change it. The third secret of great people  is that they have beliefs.

Questions: What is your belief system like? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

Thursday, 25 October 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (2) Values

What values do you esteem most in your life? Everybody has got values whether corrupted or not. The two significant ways by which a person comes about with their values are handed down and self-acquired or learnt values. (Copy and tweet this).  This is what drives the engine of vision and success. We are afforded an opportunity to either change or maintain the values we have as we go through life. (Copy and tweet this). Every human being has got something they will die for rather than change. In order to be great, accepting your values and the estimation you put on them will help you to be in sync with your ability to win easily. 

The ability to work with your values stops you from being distracted from the purpose you’ve set yourself for. (Copy and tweet this). This will determine how far you go in life. Unfortunately, every value you esteem now might not be adequate and significant enough for the vision you’ve set yourself for. That is why you should have a teachable spirit so you can learn from others what you might need as you go along. This is also true for the values we were either raised with or have learnt by ourselves.

When I was a child I use to think like a child. Now that I have become a man.... I am empowered to think like a man.(Copy and tweet this). Freedom to be is a must if you want to clearly define what your values are. If you depend constantly on others like children do, definitely others will dictate for you and even pass on their values to you. Once you become fully matured,
 there needs to be a total overhauling of every handed down value.

It is by experiencing certain situations and circumstances and even maturing that we find the values most appropriate and needful for us. You should also constantly make sure you adapt to change. A person at some point should desire to work totally on overhauling their value system. (Copy and tweet this). It will be incredulous to hold on to values which have no meaning or significance to your current situation or position. 

Every level, age or situation a person encounters or is at demands a shift or a shake in their value system. (Copy and tweet this). Those who don’t make it in life often times find it difficult to give in even when it’s evident they need to change. Being rigid in the face of overwhelming evidence only leads to emptiness. (Copy and tweet this). The beauty of life is much seen when we change and re-change to be in sync with what we have been called to do. (Copy and tweet this).

The book of Proverbs says that if you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small. One of these days, adversity will rise. You don’t have to be good or evil for it to come. Those who prepare towards the evil day, survive. When you pretend your values are unshakable, you will only find out that they might be weak, outmoded and unusable. (Copy and tweet this).

It easy to get carried away by every whim of life but if a person is grounded in solid values, the difference wouldn't be very much. (Copy and tweet this). Traditional family values, honesty, humanity, hard work (smart work), loyalty, charity are universally accepted and it is a language all humankind speaks and they can be emulated. However you might have your own set of values which you live by in your quest to win in life. 

But remember if they are weak, corrupted and lack honesty, you will always be found out. (Copy and tweet this). This is the second secret of great people. They have values which have been tested by time yet are unshakable.

Questions: What do you value most? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 22 October 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (1) Dreams

In the book the “Alchemist”, Paulo Coelho makes an assertion that “every person when young seems to have a dream but over time there appears to be a genie who works his magic to dry it all up”. Only a few truly end up where they had already envisaged. (Copy and tweet this). Until you understand it’s your God-given right to turn your dreams into a reality, just dreaming will be a waste of your faculties. (Copy and tweet this).  
In the opening chapter of the movie “pretty woman”, a man is shown walking on a street shouting “what’s your dream, everyone comes to Hollywood with a dream”? True and truer again, everyone has a dream and has the right to it. (Copy and tweet this). They also have the right to find the environment that is conducive in which to nurture and turn the dream into a reality. (Copy and tweet this). For me, it was moving from my country of birth into a new place before the fullness of what God created me for could be manifested.
Every human being has something they wish they could achieve. Some after trying for a while throw in the towel and abandon the whole endeavour. Nothing of worth has ever been gotten on a silver platter. (Copy and tweet this). Whatever you enjoy using- be it a car, TV, mobile phone all came through the dream of others. You not pursuing your dream , leaves you unfulfilled,makes you a cheat and the next generation with nothing. (Copy and tweet this).
A wise man said the cemetery represents a place that is rich in dreams, aims and aspirations. (Copy and tweet this). I never understood it until recently when the light hit home. Many died unfulfilled and never achieved their dreams or the “I wishes” of this life. Some were waiting for favourable conditions and others for the help from family or government. Whilst others chose the path of least resistance as they looked at the enormity of the price to pay. 
What is your dream? What eats you up anytime you go to bed or wake up? What do you normally talk about, think or meditate on when all others are busy doing something else? What ills in society do you want to correct? You don't need to create dreams, they already reside in your spirit. Dreams don't only reside in your spirit, they justify your existence. (Copy and tweet this).
The reason why you are still in existence might be because of the yet to be fulfilled dreams that lies untapped in you. As long as you have a dream, there is hope that someday, sometime, someone or a situation might trigger its relevance. (Copy and tweet this). Your refusal to pursue and work your dream out will result in your poverty and lack of fulfillment. One of the greatest injuries you can inflict on yourself will be your inaction to be whom you have always desired to be. (Copy and tweet this).

God is generous to have left something called a "dream" within you. If He did so, then He can also lead you to the resources you need in order to turn your dream into a reality. Great people never underestimate the power of their dreams! If you pay the price, life will reward you with proceeds of your dream. (Copy and tweet this). Great people first start off with their dreams! This is their first secret.

Questions: What’s does having a dream mean to you? Let me know your thoughts

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

Thursday, 18 October 2012

3DangerousTeoplesOfRelationships- (3)The “Trasher”

Ever seen an insect caught in the web of the spider? It’s a sad state of affairs! Inspite of how hard it tries to free itself, it ends up being entangled in the web which finally kills it. (Click here and tweet this). If you’ve been "tracked" up on till now, then am sure you’ve been caught in the deceptive web of the "taker".  Hence you would have parted with that which was saved for the right person. The final showdown will be to see your efforts i.e. love, care, time and money all thrashed. His last name is the "trasher".

I guess there is nothing painful than for someone to take your efforts for granted. The human soul dies so many times when the ones we love take the love for granted. More so when well-meaning efforts are trampled underfoot. Love has a way of weakening even the strongest soul! (Click here and tweet this). In the movie "King Kong" remade, Jack Black is heard saying Love was what killed the animal after the gorilla fell from the skyscraper onto the ground dead. 

Being in love doesn’t negate a person’s responsibility in securing themselves. (Click here and tweet this). Too many of us jump straight away into the arms of a “stranger” without taking  time to study or understand what they stand for- values, vision and vicissitudes.

For those who are in the habit of spurning the love of others be careful. Why lead someone on if you haven't got any plans for a relationship? There is nothing dangerous than a snake that has been maimed.(Click here and tweet this). Not everyone forgive easily and people will always want a payback one way or the other. (Click here and tweet this). The "trasher" embodies the venom of a dangerous cobra on a mission to take hearts and destroy them. (Click here and tweet this). He is set for destruction and none but his/her own deeds will end the cycle. Anyone caught in his web will be a victim.

I sometimes wonder why people still hold on when blatantly nothing is working in their favour in the relationship. (Click here and tweet this). I have met people who assumed the position of a “messiah” in the life of the "trasher" and thought they could change them- save them from what has plagued them all this while. Many convince themselves that its not the trasher's fault but something that happened to them. (Click here and tweet this). Never act like the one sent from above to change such a one. For your information, you can’t change any human being except they are willing to. (Click here and tweet this). On the contrary, run for your life when you encounter one.

If you travelled this far when you were tracked/tricked into believing you had a genuine opportunity to share love with someone, then obviously you’ve had some things taken. If taken, then the last stages of his plans- to thrash your efforts are at work. The only means by which you can free yourself is to cry to God for strength to walk out of the door before something worse than what you’ve encountered happens. Don’t wait till you lose your sense of being before you recognise that everything you held dear has been thrashed by the "trasher". (Click here and tweet this).

To unmask the “trasher”, here are some simple tips-
A.   Accept you can’t change events but can rather change you.
B.    Accept your losses and make amends where necessary.
C.    Pray to God to strengthen you as you make a break from the “trasher”.

Question: Why do people find it difficult to leave the “trasher” behind?

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 15 October 2012

3DangerousTeoplesOfRelationships- (2)The Taker

Hi, my name is the taker and I will take everything from you without any remorse. By the time I am done with you, your heart, money and everything dear to you would have been taken….oh taken for granted. Others saw through me and warned you of my schemes but it fell on deaf ears. They know my history yet because I had you locked down, it was difficult to believe what they were saying. Lol! I doubt if anybody introduces themselves in such a manner yet on the contrary, they do so all the time. I think we get so caught up with getting rid of the sticks we forget the hay.  (Click here and tweet this). 

Lust takes, love gives! (Click here and tweet this). Fortunately for me, am in your life to lust after you and nothing else. Lust has never given so I can’t give anything:it only takes and that is what am in your life for. I am not capable of giving back…I just take and leave you dry. We have two diametrically opposed visions for this spurious relationship. I have become too callous to feel any emotion towards the next person.  How sad that beautiful people both soulishly and emotionally often get taken and so for granted. (Click here and tweet this). 

You probably know a person who might have experienced the scheming and overwhelming power of a “taker”. The takers nature is this- he/she delights in spending the little they’ve accumulated from the previous victim on you. They do so to the point that they’ve you emotionally blackmailed. Obviously if someone does so much for you, it will be difficult to refuse them help when they are in need. (Click here and tweet this). Once they’ve prepared you for their scheme, they come up with all sorts of ideas to rip you off of what you have. It’s even deeper when there has been a sexual intimacy between the two of you. 

For those of you who go about just sleeping with anyone without due respect for the word of God, be careful. (Click here and tweet this). Whenever you sleep with anyone who isn't in your destiny, you carry their ills for the rest of your life until the soul tie is severed. Might sound nonsense for 21st century human beings right?. Hey, God's word never lies. Selah! That is why God’s desire is for one to wait on Him to be given the person who will be your life mate till death do you part. The only thing to severe your souls should be death when you connect with the right person.

I believe people in a relationship should desire to give to each other. Love isn’t only in words but also in deeds. (Click here and tweet this). Yet, when the scale tilts constantly in one’s favour and the others' disfavour, there ought to be a pause for reflection. (Click here and tweet this).  I don’t believe one party should bare all the burden of the other. When respect is at a max, each should strive to maintain their dignity even if the need is so pressing.

My position has afforded me privilege information regarding many who've encountered such situations and done so bitterly. They thought it was their break until they woke up to realise it was only a game by a confidence trickster. (Click here and tweet this). Some don’t only part with their resources but also end up being maimed forever psychologically, all because of the “taker”. (Click here and tweet this). Such individuals are now bitter and suspicious of any potential and genuine helper. 

Finally the nature of the taker is like that of the devil- to steal, to kill and to destroy.(Click here and tweet this). Since ancient times, the devil has only taken and never given back. Even when you think he gives, he takes back more than he gave. However that of Christ is to give and give more than you can even ask for. (Click here and tweet this). To "Take" is only the second name of the taker. Wait till you hear of this third and last name.....

To unmask the “taker”, here are a few simple tips-
A.   Watch out for unfilled promises from them.
B.    Allow your conscience and intuition coupled with the Spirit of God to lead you.
C.    Don’t be quick to part with especially money in a relationship.

Question: Why do people often get caught up in the web of the “taker”?

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

Thursday, 11 October 2012

3DangerousTeoplesOfRelationships- (1) The Tracker

He seems so genuine with his well-rehearsed lines. They bother on sayings like "you are everything to me and without you, my world ceases to exist". They make you believe  as if the songs of Brian Adam -"Everything I do I do it for you” and 3T’s "-I will do anything for you" were written for you. They whisk you into cloud nine without you suspecting what their next strategy is. The tracker masters the art of deep deception and leaves you mesmerize. (Click here and tweet this). They know the chords to strike in order to get you serenaded with their enticing melodies and like the snake, charm you.

She takes delight in chasing after you with every available resource at her disposal. The bible calls her a strange woman! Her assets are continuously flaunted and readily made available to you. She watches your movements better than an undercover agent and will make you believe without you they can't breathe. (Click here and tweet this). After spending so much time to learn what makes you tick, he has enough ammunition to hit you where you’re weak. A smooth criminal I will say he is! Deep within her core lurks a darkness waiting to be unleashed (Click here and tweet this).

“I haven't seen any one wear their trousers so quick" is a line in the movie “hitch”. It typifies the true essence of what the tracker is truly after- to take a part of your life you’ve reserved for the right person in God’s own time. Sadly many of us fall victim to the enticing words of the tracker and like a cobra, their sting is deadly. (Click here and tweet this). Without due regard for this scripture- “woe unto those who device iniquity and work evil upon their beds. When the morning is light they practise it because it’s in the power of their hand”, they wake up and stand in front of their mirror to rehearse their evil deeds. 

With a smirk and an arrogated demeanour, they step out and like the fowler; his snare is ready to entice the naïve soul. Remember that even the devil announces his presence all the time! Yet we are so enamoured with the placebo fed we refuse to acknowledge his presence. (Click here and tweet this).

There are evil souls out there seeking to devour godly and innocent loving people. (Click here and tweet this). Woe onto you Children of God who take things for granted! Such stories are rife especially in these times when society wants you to believe there aren’t any scruples when it comes to love. If it feels good, just go for it as you hear all around. I have dealt with too many of such cases for me not to fore warn you about the deeds of the tracker. (Click here and tweet this).

It brings to mind what the scripture says in 1 Peter 5:8 “be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour.” This truly epitomises with the nature of the tracker. Tracking is not their only specialty; they master in “Taking”….

To unmask the “tracker”, here are some simple tips-
a.     Pray seriously before you get yourself involved in any relationship.
b.    Allow God to lead you in choosing who to be with.
c.     Be careful of enticing words that seems so good to be true.

Question: What are your thoughts about the “tracker? Kindly let me know.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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