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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why The Need To Forgive

The greatest gift you can give yourself is never to carry the negative thoughts of unforgiveness. (Copy and tweet). Your inability to let go of what has been meted out you breeds bitterness, anger and mistrust even from well-meaning people. Unforgiveness leaves you in the state of constantly scheming on what to do to the next person. (Copy and tweet). 

I see a person’s lack of desire to forgive closer to self- manipulation and it’s exactly what the devil wants for you. Infact your enemies would love to see you in the state of constant agony from the pain inflicted on you, the rejection and betrayal of others. This is the reason why the best gift to give your enemies is the gift of forgiveness. 

Holding on to grudges and not forgiving leaves you a prisoner both mentally and physically. How long are you going to hold on to that which was unjustly done to you? Have you forgotten God is the only just being who will avenge you? Let it go before something worse happens. How can you freely express your gifts and talents when you are mentally and physically shackled by what someone did to you? (Copy and tweet).

Medically it’s been proven that some diseases are caused by bitterness. The main causative agent of bitterness is normally unforgiveness. High blood pressure and other heart related illnesses can be identified as part of rewards of unforgiveness. Forgiveness is a cleanser…it does the job better that Dr. Stuarts tea. (Copy and tweet).

If you don’t learn to constantly forgive, you leave yourself open and ready for any attack design by the enemy. (Copy and tweet). Many at times people who hurt, betray or anger us don’t really care about our feelings. They move on without any hint or remorse from what they’ve done to us. Why should you allow your conscience to be caught up in the quagmire of constantly thinking about how to revenge for something done to you? 

I don’t know what you’ve been through: neither do you know what I have endured. Many of us have had encounters that are heart-wrenching, demeaning and  very painful. Yet we are alive…spared to live so we can forgive others and be free. (Copy and tweet). People we trusted trashed and thrashed every relationship we had with them. What really gets to me is the disloyalty of people who betray others. I can't stand disloyal people! Sometimes God causes the strong ones in life to endure afflictions so they can help the weaker ones. (Copy and tweet).

I throw this challenge to you that if you'll let go and embrace the power of constant forgiveness, the gateways of manipulation and scheming won't have any power over you. (Copy and tweet).  It will help you open up new chapters in your life and save you from several untold frustrations here and there. It will also open your eye to people who matter and those who don’t. You will also become aware of what your contributions were that led to being treated in a particular way. Do whatever it takes to be free from the schemes of others. Never become a victim of someone's doing. Forgiveness is the easiest way by which devil enslaves people. Christ came so that you don't become a victim. (Copy and tweet).

I am reminded of what Jesus said on the cross even when men had betrayed, hurt, beaten and despised him - “FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING”. (Copy and tweet). If you can learn to forgive as Jesus did, you will be empowered in your own right as Jesus was. Its your right claim it! (Copy and tweet).

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Any thoughts on why you think we need to forgive?  

Joe Akuoko II

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  1. Amen, Pastor Joe! Forgiveness is always key. Great advice.


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