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Friday, 7 January 2011

God’s Breath

He had wealth in the natural but had forgotten that which was needful for his soul. Money became his god and his world revolved around his wealth. He was wise in understanding FSTE INDEX’s, NASDAQ’s, DOW JONES’, CAC’s and the NIKKEI’s of his time but very little of his salvation. He perhaps understood commerce more than his contemporaries. He forgot to lay his treasures in a place where moth cannot eat. Maybe halve of his wealth was spent in researching the alchemy of youthfulness. He had so much that he believed it was by dint of his hard work. His conceit spread beyond into thinking he will live forever. His connections in the corridors of power spread to world leaders.
He was the patron of several charities because like many modernist, he was raised to believe that through good works, one could go to heaven. Absolute gibberish!! Good works alone will not give one salvation. I don’t know how he died- may be in his sleep, contracted a disease, through an accident, or assassination but eventually, death who cannot be bribed, caught up with him. We are told he found himself in hell. This probably sums up the life of the rich man Jesus spoke of in his parable.
He was the underclass and the less privileged of society. He had been reduced to a mere beggar. I am not sure how this happened but maybe he failed to believe totally in the principles of the bible regarding prosperity. May be he failed to get sponsorship to study in university to attain a degree etc. He was really foolish about life in this world and how to prosper in it to attain balance. He never had any connections of any significance, except maybe the equally poor people whom he surrounded himself with.
He had sores all over his body signifying he might have contracted a disease and had no money to get medical attention. His daily bread was from the crumbs that fell off the table of the rich man. He had wishes which were never fulfilled as the days went by. Yet he was smart when it came to his choice of who to believe in- God. He chose to fear and serve the Lord despite his state of being. He also died and went the way all men go when your time is up. He died and was carried by angels into the bosom of father Abraham. His name is Lazarus the poor man Jesus spoke of in his parable.
Funny enough, they were all sons of Abraham. There in hell, the rich man lifted his eyes and saw Lazarus enjoying in the bosom of Abraham. Still with the mentality of being superior, he requested that Lazarus dipped his hands in water to quench his thirst but Abraham told him it was impossible because of the chasm between them. He had rejected the greatest wealth: salvation of his soul to pursue earthly possession. Lazarus on the other hand, had chosen that which was good; eternal life. He had redeemed the time here on earth. The rich man requested a second chance to preach to his brothers about salvation but was also turned down because the laws regarding life and death will not permit that.
People have made themselves gods and act like they have the power to bribe death. They behave as if the breath in them will be there forever. In these times, we are inundated with anti-ageing creams and Botox injections to project a sense of agelessness. The foolishness of this confusion is that, people easily forget that whatever God pronounced in the Garden of Eden has and is being witnessed everyday people are buried. The breath you have was given to you by God and nothing will change His mind when he is ready to take it away. You will answer so be wise with it

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