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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Where Do You Want To Go

Every step one takes leads to a place! People say it is the end that will always justify the means. But i believe in the reverse- which states, it’s the means that will justify the end. The process a person subjects themselves towards a dream is what determines the results. Life is a journey and regardless of how well one plans, you are bound to have bumps, breakdowns, detours, frustrations, ill wishes and accidents. This doesn’t mean you should quit. If you don’t, one of these days in the midst of all the negatives, there is bound to be some good. Your ability to plan your journey is paramount as this goes a long way to minimise a lot of the hardships others follow.

There is a place called “there” in every one and this is what gives meaning to our existence as humans. Whatever we do is as a result of our desire to achieve our “there”. Unknown to most, we subconsciously work, live, love with the main aim of getting to our “there”. It’s a quiet utopia residing in our spirits and we see it in pictures and we act accordingly. It represents a place where fulfilment can be easily grasped. It is not a mirage or a fantasy but a reality which with hard work (smart work), can be attained.

We will never be satisfied until we have gotten to the place destiny is calling us to. When you are at the beck and call of destiny, you find no joy in anything except that which you are pursuing. What it takes for one to achieve the vision of the “there” is not easily practised much by those who claim to want to get there. The price to pay and the discipline needed to overcome the challenges is very daunting and as such only a few are really prepared to stick their heads in the struggle to win.

This struggle is real and it’s what will bring out the success you desire. Once you are set for great things in this life, struggle becomes a part of your daily existence. As you keep at it, that which is holding onto your success will eventually let go off it. As you persist, know that you shall surely receive the promise of God for your life. As the struggle was real for all the great ones we revere, so shall it be for you. If they were not overcome, but the opposite happened, you are just about to win this glorious victory God has destined for your life.

If I should ask you where you want to go, it is obvious you are going to tell me about your “there”. It is very exciting whenever the idea of your “there” comes into mind as it is the only thing nobody can take from you. This is the power of your imagination. This allows for you to think how glorious and victorious it will be for you to get to where you desire to go to. I can bet you that Jesus’ happiness was in getting to the cross as it was the only place He desired to be.
The reality sets in when you descend from your imaginative world and realise that a lot of work has to be put into getting to the place you were destined for. Without the practical, life is not worth living. Staying in the imaginative is equated to “wishing”. Take the next step as none truly have the solutions except you begin to act. Your greatness will not be achieved in a day, month nor in a year but the seeds for it can be sown in a day and nurtured into maturity.

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