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Friday, 25 March 2011

Divine Information: the Pathway to Liberty (Snippets From "Broken Shackles" my soon to publish book)

“The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary, he wakened morning by morning, he wakened mine ear to hear as the learned. God had opened mine ear and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back.  Isaiah 50:4-5
Moore’s law states that information doubles every eighteen months. Computer geeks will explain that the more micro chips are miniaturized, the more information it is able to carry and this happens every eighteen months. This means anyone who fails to improve upon their level of knowledge every eighteen months will be obsolete. Unfortunately a lot of people place minor significance on the level of information they possess. We are witnessing a major flow of both secular and spiritual information in our times. Daniel prophesied knowledge shall abound in the last days and happening right before our eyes.
The advent of the internet stripped major stakeholders and custodians of information off their titles. The explosion of Social media has led to the democratisation of information. The power information carries is overwhelming, giving the ordinary person the right to question and even overthrow governments they don’t like. The high level of Technological investment is overwhelming and this has affected everything about the everyday person. Via social media platforms, millions of people are connected instantly where strategies and ideas can be shared.
When Adam had information on how to maintain the garden, he had the peace of God. Humanity fell because Adam the custodian of divine information failed to properly train Eve the recipient of what he knew. The question has never been about the information you have but it is about whether if you have the right one.
Why all this talk about the need for divine information? Divine information plays a major role in shaping both the physical and spiritual life of a person. From the days of creation till now, God has not ceased from imparting his thoughts to those who will open up and listen to Him. What we can become, do and gain when we apply the information we receive from the Holy Spirit of God is endless. Divine information comes as a result of the divine knowledge we receive from the word of God. What you know is what you become!
We all went to school to learn facts and individual’s ability to accumulate the facts presented determines how well they fared in the classroom and on their report card. People who normally don’t fare well in school is due to the level they are fascinated with the facts presented. You only finish school to find out that facts can be disproven and in life, there are several education systems.
In order to prosper, we need to feed ourselves constantly with the right information and be fascinated by it. The good news is that believers have access to a superior knowledge that transcends the natural. This knowledge is processed via the power of the Holy Spirit. This allows an individual to be enamoured with God because He reveals the truth a person needs to survive.  

One Step Ahead: Advantage by Advance Knowledge
We are not ignorant of his devices lest the devil should gain advantage over us. Paul’s warning to the Corinthians resonates also into our times. I could go on and on and talk about why we need information more so as believers. Any information an individual possess is what will unmake or make them.  I preach knowing that I give information. This information will serve as the leverage on which people will change their lives. These congregants can overcome the issues and circumstances life brings by believing God is the one that gives insight in any situation.
At the wedding in Cana, Jesus gave a foretaste of what was set to come but none truly grasped why the wine tasted different. How current is the spiritual information you have? And if current how relevant is it to your situation? If not discard it and run to God for the most important one. What the devil seeks to do is to stop you from receiving divine information by feeding you with negative and worldly information. He wants to keep you ignorant of what you can do when you allow the Holy Spirit to feed you with godly information. He makes sure you have excuses for why certain things won’t work. The negligence of divine information releases demonic and recalcitrant knowledge which stifles the flow of God’s power in your live.
Jesus promised He will send us the comforter who will guide and teach us in all manner of the word. This I believe is a reflection of the information we can receive from the Holy Spirit. I am afraid of an individual or a body of Christ who would not seek for the Holy Spirit to guide and teach them. I can confidently say Christendom is teetering to a place where prayer has been replaced with functions and divine directions with projects. Imagine your father when travelling tells you that he has left everything you need with your neighbour. Then it happens that you come to have a need whilst your dad is away. Would you wait till he comes or would you go straight to the neighbour regardless of the bull terrier they might have? This is the state some of us find ourselves.
We know that the Holy Spirit is here to help us but we are too busy doing nothing.  If I were you all meetings will be cancelled, mobile phones, suspend tweeting, and face booking for the meeting of meetings with the Holy Spirit. He has divine truths that are reserved for believers. His duty in these last days is to teach and bring all things to our remembrance. This depicts a scenario where the Holy Spirit is not only teaching and empowering so you can move up the ladder of life but also nourishing us with the best. Our past is something none of us can redeem-our present is a bit shaky due to the struggles of this life but our future is very optimistic. The future is hopeful- hope is not real until faith is applied to the process in order to have the fullness of your heart desire. This is where the teaching, comforting, guiding and the reminding of Godly information by the Holy Spirit is much needed.

Abraham’s daughter:  Bent for 18yrs
She was meant to walk in the covenant God had with her father Abraham but diseases had rendered her impotent. It’s not easy attending church for eighteen years without a miracle. This could either be the word of God was not properly communicated, or the lack of faith on the part of the individual or better still to prove the glory of God. She was a child of Abraham who had not been taught her right to healing.
The traditions of her times stopped her from questioning if there is validity in the title “Jehovah Rapha”.  I find it hard that with this outpouring from God, some churches and even societies still oppress and dehumanize the value of women. Some too teach that every woman to cover their heads as this stops angels from moving among the people of God. The same blood that bought the one preaching also bought the woman. I challenge any woman reading this to begin to seek her true in liberty. The outpouring of the Spirit in the last days is onto all flesh and you are included.
Abraham’s daughter mention here was due to the information she was receiving. Who is preaching what to you? They could be preaching sincerely out of their hearts and yet still not empowering you.
Look at the word you receive into your life everyday and check if it is really working and can be practise. How can someone tell me God is able and I don’t see the ability of God in their lives? When Jesus walked into the synagogue, he carried the essence of divine information. He only told the woman what her rights were and immediately she tapped into it, she received her healing. She only needed to be remembered of who she was. She wasn’t prayed for but just told what she did not know was hers via Abraham; healing.

Bartimaeus: A voice by the road side
Life has the tendency of reducing would-be-great people into nothing. We are not told how Bartimaeus became blind or how he ended up by the roadside begging.  His name was not mentioned as reference to him was through his father Timaeus. It is interesting how we all sometimes find ourselves in a place like this man. He could probably do better but his vision has been taken away either by sickness, a curse or the things he had gotten himself into. He was fed up with being blind and was prepared to do anything in order to see.
Then one day he heard something that made sense to him-Jesus was passing his way. Was this the same Jesus he had heard off? Is he the one that opened the eye of the blind and raised the dead? There was no way Jesus will pass without him requesting healing. Even though some of us receive the word and fail to mix it with faith, Bartimaeus had enough faith to spare. He had spent his entire life dreaming and believing that someday he will see again. He was determined to put into action his faith. This desire was triggered because of the divine information he received.
Then came the hour of reckoning the moment he had awaited all his life. Most of us spend our lives believing God for a breakthrough and never prepare for it. We are caught unawares when the opportunity comes. Zechariah the priest had always prayed for a son but when the Angel came with the confirmation, he doubted. Good or bad information can be cheap depending on what you are looking for. Moses knew only one thing- let my people go and they were let loose into the promise land.
When the day came, Bartimaeus sat strategically in a position where he could locate Jesus. With every fibre of his being he began crying “Jesus son of David have mercy on me”. People began to shout him down but he persisted until he cut across the voices of the masses. Albert Einstein says that great people often encounter mediocre minds! Jesus finally heard him and called out for him. Bartimaeus cast away his old garment confirming that if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, the old is gone, behold his vision is clear. 

Woman with the issue of blood
She was frail, smelly and sickly but was determined to find the answer to the disease that plagued her for twelve years.  In her spirit she had revelation but in the outward was her struggle! A tale of two cities!! A brief account of her situation is given in bible. It relates her struggle to overcome the continuous flow of blood which had become a canker. She had spent all her money on physicians but nothing seemed to have happened.  Unfortunately years passed and her condition worsened. Society had stigmatized her yet God had the solution to her problem. Blood is life and as long as she kept on bleeding, she was dying slowly. She could have relented and given up but something kept urging her on.
Goethe says that “until one is committed there is hesitancy, a chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless dreams and splendid plans, that the moment one definitely commits oneself providence moves too.” This is so true of this woman’s life. She was fed up with her current situation and decided to confront the incarnate God once and for all. The moment one commits, God moves!!
One day she had the divine information that Jesus was in town. He came to heal, to show the path onto eternal life. Levitical laws or convention could not stop her. Remember he who has the gold, makes the rules. She had the current information to her healing and nothing was going to stop her. The end, she was healed of that which had deprived her of being a full human being. For the first time we heard Jesus make this statement “virtue is gone out of me”. May be if minor adjustment to your character, attitude, perception, prayer life and have the boldness to believe that Christ is able, God will come to your aid.

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  1. Awesome, Pastor! Some Major Info here! You MUST let me know when your Book is Published, so I can cop it! Feel honored to know a Man of God such as you! I'm Blessed!


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