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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Born for Such a Time Like this!

“For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time(if you don’t understand your season), then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed and who knoweth whether thou are come to the kingdom for such a time as this(to fulfil your purpose)(emphasis added)”.
                                                                                                        Esther 4:13-16

Her story is unique and daring. It is an example of an individual who was born for a particular purpose within her season. Hers’ is one that brought deliverance to a nation in exile. She nearly became lazy about her season and the purpose that came with it until she was prompted. Esther was a Jewish orphan in the care of his uncle Mordecai. Vashti the present queen misbehaved and no other punishment suited her better than being banished from the presence of the King and her royal estate given to another. A decree went out that the great King Ahasuerus was looking for a wife.

I am not sure of the thought Mordecai had concerning his niece, but it had to be a divinely inspired one, enough to send her into the beauty contest of her days. The bible describes her as being fair and very beautiful. It was divine enough for Esther to gain favour before Hegai- an eunuch. He gave her seven maidens to tend to her needs. The result, she won but that was just the beginning of the plans of God for her life.
The reason why she won was given a meaning by the plot of Haman to destroy all the Jews. Mordecai told Esther perhaps the reason why she became queen was not because of her beauty, but may be God allowed her into such a position in a season like that to bring deliverance to her people. Esther concluded by defining her purpose at the helm of the throne by asking for a united fast for divine revelation on what to do next. 

She defied the conventional law of the land that stated a person could only appear before the King when his sceptre had been lifted to you. She dared the law because she had empowered herself through prayer and fasting. The end result- Haman’s plot was nullified. The gallows he ordered prepared was used to hang him. The Jews were spared and victory was achieved.

When God allows us to live in a season it is because we have been chosen to solve problems. When we become aware, boldness to act is what follows. Your failure to understand the destinies of others are tied to yours will create a sense of lethargy and a lackadaisical attitude towards the season and the purpose God had destined for us.

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