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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Deal With It!

Ingratitude was something the Jews displayed without a thought. They complained in all manner of situations; the good the bad and the ugly. Moses could not enter Canaan because he allowed their complaints to eat him up. He ended up disobeying God at the waters of Massa and Meriba. He struck the rock twice instead of once and lost his chance of going into the promise land. He brought them out of Egypt by the mighty deeds of God yet lost out due to anger.
How sad that sometimes we forget that the little foxes have to be dealt with. Moses was faced with a situation but failed to see beyond and reacted instead of being proactive. Anointing is not seen except its being displayed in the various gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many often assume once you have the anointing that is enough. I am of a different opinion when it comes to the importance of character as opposed to the anointing.
Character is what people experience every day. Until it’s well developed, you will destroy many out of ignorance. Until your character is right, the anointing will just be for jokes. You will not see a significant impact from the anointing when your character is wrong. Moses was anointed yet had a character default that was to bedevil his entrance into the promise land. His environment created a situation which he lacked the necessary power to break free from.
Moses, Elijah and Abraham faced a situation and each reacted differently to it. Elijah chose death, Moses chose anger and Abraham chose instant gratification when the environment created a situation. Abraham might have received the promised son but left a great scar on humanity. Moses inspite of his toils never got to see the fruit of his labour. Elijah I believe could have faced Jezebel and destroyed her. Whatever plagued him was deeper than what the eye could see. A successful ministry that was born out of boldness and the power was brought to an abrupt end.
When Queen Vashti refused to honour her husband king Ahaseurus’ request she was banished. His elders advised that a law to be decreed to punish disrespectful women and he gladly acquiesced. When his anger subsided, the bible said he remembered Vashti but it was too late. The law had already passed and it prevented him from reinstating her. I Am learning never to react to a situation without due understanding of the process. Making a permanent decision by act, word or reaction devalues the purpose for which God gave you a position, opportunity, gift or talent.
In the face of grave and threatening situations, we really ought to be careful how we react. We serve a mighty God who has what it takes to bring change. Through his inspiration we can receive insight on how to control its effects and move onto greater heights.

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