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Monday, 13 May 2013

#HowToInspirePeople - (2) Praise

Praise is the spirit that propagates success in any endeavour of a person. The lack of it stifles a person’s abilities leaving them handicapped. Every person you meet in life has something they would want to be praised on. (Copy and tweet). Those who win with people are the ones who truly understand this phenomenal strategy and apply it. Everyone is born with the need for praise. (Copy and tweet).

Peter was the only one who could define Jesus as Christ sent from God. Based on that, Jesus praised him because “flesh and blood” had not revealed that to him. He was subsequently given the keys of the kingdom of heaven. From Peter the fisherman to being praised and empowered with the keys of the kingdom, is something he never thought of. (Copy and tweet). Subsequent stories of Peter in the bible will prove that when someone is praised, they automatically switch on their “able” side and begin to do more. (Copy and tweet).

Every human being has been blessed with qualities that are endearing and uplifting. (Copy and tweet). The sad thing is that no one can praise themselves as this might lead to self-deification and arrogance. Lucifer’s thoughts of being like god by praising his “I” abilities caused him his position as recorded in Isaiah chapter 14. (Copy and tweet). I believe God has given genuine people like you and I the power to lift people up through well-deserved praises.

When you praise others for their accomplishments what you are inadvertently telling them is this – “you can do more because I believe in your abilities”. (Copy and tweet).  If you continuously praise them highly for their characteristics and achievements, it really puts fire in their hearts….people will always do more for you if you praise them genuinely. In these times where almost everyone seems afraid of what tomorrow might bring economically, the best way to motivate people isn’t to find fault with them but to look for their good points and praise them for those. (Copy and tweet).

Be you a leader, father, mother, visionary, a friend etc, it might seem easier to find faults with the people within your care. However, I have come to understand that the more you hammer on people’s faults, the more hardened and rebellious they become. (Copy and tweet). May be a switch to praise will do the trick. When a person is praised it automatically causes them search within themselves on how they can become better. Where being better might mean finding ways by which they can deal with their weaknesses and faults. (Copy and tweet).

In your Christian walk, never forget to release your praise every now and then. One thing God never does is to praise Himself. (Copy and tweet).  The power of praise that emanates from us to Him causes God to move beyond all power to show Himself strong on our behalf. Throughout the bible, praise has been a secret weapon by which insurmountable challenges have been dealt with.  (Copy and tweet).

To excel in life, two things will cause you to stand out- learning to praise God and people. (Copy and tweet). I have coin out this acronym out of the word “p -raise” (P will always represent people who raise. Raise who…. raise anyone who they come across with kind words that motivate?) (Copy and tweet).

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A. What other things can “PRAISE” do for people?


Joe Akuoko II

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  1. Awesome Post~ so true and much needed information. Thanks for sharing


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