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Monday, 16 September 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (4.3) #HowDoYouWantToGetThere #DivineAccountability

The story of the King who when travelling gave talents to his servants, is a typical example of how people miss getting to their “there”. Especially when they refuse to work with instructions and give accountability. Three servants out of the many were chosen for this purpose. Remember they were chosen out of the benevolence of the King. It was an opportunity for them be freed from servitude forever. (Copy and tweet).

We understand no King or leader will choose people for a task without first training them. (Copy and tweet). Two of the servants saw themselves as people who were free and took the opportunity with both hands. They worked with everything they were given and profitted from it. The other failed to put into practise the instruction and failed bitterly.

When the King came back, he demanded accountability which only two servants successfully did. They had obeyed the instructions, rendered their accounts with excellence whilst the unprofitable servant did the exact opposite. It was from the King’s final judgement that we know they were even taught how to give their money to the bankers for profit.  His lack of a satisfying accountability brought a harsh judgement of the King on him. He was subsequently sentenced to eternal pain and poverty.

Know that of a surety, a person’s ability to work with instructions determines how their results will be. (Copy and tweet). It also typifies a person’s preparedness to achieve success. Anyone who excelled or is excelling is a person given to instructions and accountability. Until you read the instruction on the manual of your life, I am afraid you won’t achieve as much as you thought. (Copy and tweet).  You won’t be able to honestly account for every gift God has given you and fail to be significant as you desire. By now am sure you must have a clear idea of how your “there” will look like as your every effort will never go unrewarded. (Copy and tweet).

I recently visited a very prominent individual and the most thought on my mind which I subsequently asked was how does it feel when one gets to their “there”? I was expecting him to tell me about the everyday strategies and the dos and don’ts but the answers I received were quite different; dreams beget dreams I was told, and that it’s very rewarding. (Copy and tweet).

 3 Things That Happens When We Fail To Give Accountability

1.     We lose what we were already given
2.    We are condemned to a life of harshness and pain
3.    We will never get to our “there”

Talk About It -

A. Can you given account for every gift God has freely blessed you with?

B. Why do you think people fail to give account ? 

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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