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Monday, 21 October 2013

Marked For Greatness

…“I will give you places to walk among these who stand here. - Zechariah 3:6

God wants to position us strategically in a place where we can receive His blessings. (Copy and tweet). This will enable us to function on a level beyond human understanding. Throughout the bible, God gave some people special favours and privileges that caused them to triumph in almost every situation. These people sought to know the mind of God and acted according to it. Their lives were full of miracles and supernatural doings. Even in their weakest hour, the Lord made a way. (Copy and tweet).

David committed adultery and murder yet the Lord said he was the man after his heart. Moses’ rod became God’s rod and was used to do powerful deeds.  How can a stone thrown from the sling of a shepherd boy give his nation the freedom from their worst enemy? Amazing! How could this happen to ordinary people like you and me? Except these people had had an encounter with the supernatural power of the Almighty God and had been touched by it. These people had a place among the standing! The miracles of God was at their beck and call so to say. They became the custodians of the plans and purposes of God for the entire human race. These people regardless of their flaws had something in common: they believe God to the letter and worked in partnership with the Holy Spirit of God. (Copy and tweet).

In this world there are two classes of people; those who are "existing" and those who are “living”. (Copy and tweet). To exist is to live a life based on the things you have or want and when they are out of your reach, you fold or give up. (Copy and tweet). I knew a man who had the best opportunity of his life time. He took the family’s entire savings and squandered it on business plans that couldn’t be profitable. The last time I encountered him, he had given up on trying again and is existing instead of living. I told him the only way is to come back to the giver of life and not things he wants. Like this fella, most people have resigned and given up on life because of what probably happened to them.

To be alive is to manifest the essence of the God given life in you called Zoe. (Copy and tweet).  Those who are living have got the convincing power of the word in them and are able to brave the storm and deal with the circumstances that come their way. The living are the people with a place among the standing. They pay the price to get to where they are in the Lord and they do not compromise. (Copy and tweet).

Those who have a “standing” in the presence of God are the people who have been found found faithful are granted audience whenever. (Copy and tweet). God trusts these people so much that he governs the entire world with them. He does not do anything except he consults them. Remember the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? God informed Abraham his friend. God said he couldn’t do anything unless he told his friend Abraham. Remember Noah the Ark builder? God was the one who showed him how to build the ark.

How To Be Marked For Greatness :-

A. Work to be trusted by God
B. Go all out for God
C. Having optimum Faith is imperative


Joe Akuoko II

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