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Monday, 25 August 2014

#10FsForASuccessfulLife - (10) #HaveFun

"When life is taken too seriously, the part of the human being that enjoys lightheartedness loses its significance"- Joseph Akuoko II

Have fun! Yes I said it. Anyone who takes life too serious to the point of denying themselves lightheartedness will struggle to become successful. You can't make it past a certain barrier in life without enjoying the fun that comes along. You can be successful without being gloomy and desperate all the time. One of the secrets of successful people is that they aren't always working, they also take time off to enjoy the pleasures of life which God has freely us.  

You can't be invited to a wedding in Cana and not enjoy the fun of seeing people happy and merry because someone was getting married. Jesus didn't go to the wedding to preach. He went there to have fun.  I say that was a needed fun! You see, breaking off to enjoy a time of respite allows you to recollect and take a step to analyse how far you've come with regards to your vision. The human being needs refreshment from time to time. It will be unfair to work your vision without an opportunity to have fun. Having fun allows you to see yourself, the world and the people you work with from a different perspective. 

The pursuit of success is daunting! No one becomes a successful person by being so hard on themselves and in work. The process of working on your success should be fun filled. Now I know that if God was the one that commissioned the work, he will surely support it. If God is supporting it, then struggle is taken out of it. Spend time with your purpose but never lose sight of the fun attached to it. 

Someday you will recount the processes that brought you thus far. Some will be bittersweet, others will be heart wrenching and that of near failure. My prayer for you is that when you remember the process, may you have a bigger chunk of your memory for the times you had fun failing forward to rise to the place of prominence. Yes you can pursue your vision, idea, purpose whilst having fun. It's not all that serious! Take a chill pill!

To #HaveFun, here are a few tips :-

1. Understand God gave you the ideas on to success 
2. Understand the a life without fun is unproductive 
3. Understand that having fun in the pursuit of your vision allows for the stimulation of more insights and ideas
4. For the purpose of remembrance, fill your life with images of you having fun even in the pursuit of success. 


Why do you think people never seem to have fun in life? 

Joe Akuoko II

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