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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


The difference between two people is the word extra. (Click here and tweet this). Am sure you are quite familiar with the word extra-ordinary. In simple terms it means something a bit more has been added to the original. In our times, an individual’s ability to win in life demands the input of extras.  Many will disagree with me but fear too has a positive factor. The stress that fear brings creates a sense of urgency that pushes us to fight and change our lives. The extra could mean spending a bit more time with your kids, reading more to improve your vocabulary, listening more in order to sustain the relationship, saving and planning more financially and praying for long hours.

God anoints in trickles and through a person’s faithfulness, much is released. (Click here to tweet this). Success is intentional and successful people have that “intent” to make it. The intent is what allows them to plan skilfully and strategically in order to get the results. Whilst everyone has given up, successful people put in the extra and this is what carries them through. Paul valued the extra in the work he was called to do and became a success. People who make it in life understand why they need the extra.

Having in readiness the extra oil will allow you to survive the turbulence of the enemy. (Click here and tweet this) In the face of adversity, the extra is what will bring the victory you need. It is a secret that keeps you in motion even when all is done.  It is what defeats the enemy and never allows him the last laugh. David picked five stones when he decided to face Goliath. In the immediate, it never made sense for David to pick five stones to kill just one person. You only read the bible further to understand that Goliath had four other brothers who were also giants and these will rise to terrorise Israel. Prophetically the five stones David picked meant Goliath and his extras had already been dealt with. (Click here and tweet this). David’s great men killed the four brothers of Goliath. The extra fasting, studying, practice will definitely yield the needed results.

Questions: What extras do you need in your life to make the difference? Why do you want to stand out? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

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  1. Really Good Bro...This is one of my Favorite verses!

  2. Renee, I pray that you'll carry the extra oil in all matters pertaining to your life. God bless.


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