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Saturday, 9 April 2011


Cybernetics as a discipline intrigues me a lot. It is defined as the science of communication and control theory that is concerned especially with comparative study of automatic control systems. This is normally seen in the creation and manipulation of robots. I have always been fascinated by the way information is sent to the artificial mind of the robot for performance. Living our lives based on information systems is normal these days. (Click here to tweet this) Everything from what you wear and eat is now processed through the information highway. With the explosion of social medial with Facebook and twitter leading the way, information is constantly in your face. In just 140 characters, governments have been overthrown and lives have been changed. (Click here to tweet this). Ordinary people have gain prominence as they learn how to change their lives and that of others through the information highway.

Interestingly, almost every information is stored in the "SERVER" of a computer. It’s the brain of the whole computer network and it allows for the retrieval of information based on the correct CODES. The scientist who created this information highway never envisaged that the only thing destructive enough to crash the whole system will be a "VIRUS". (Click here to tweet this).

The human mind is just like the server. It will only allow you to retrieve the information you put in.(Click here to tweet this). Selah (pause and consider)! Now you understand why you behave, earn and relate to a certain groups of people? Now you understand why certain things attract you and others don't? What information are you feeding your server? You've heard them say garbage in garbage out? Well I beg to differ. Garbage in, garbage stays and reproduces unless it’s attacked violently with the right information. (Click here to tweet this).

When you allow contrary information to take charge of our mental computations, the contaminants or viruses contained in it will destroy the proactive word of God in us. (Click here to tweet this). Thus everything you produce will be affected. A good spring will not produce bitter water and vice versa. (Click here to tweet this). It’s a terrible and a dangerous thing to waste your mind.  Its about time you take charge of it. For Christians the word of God is the only recognised anti-virus powerful enough to fight viruses that find their way into our data bank- the mind.(Click here to tweet this).

Questions- Can you relate to this subject? How do you fight negative words? Have you benefited from changing your thought process?

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