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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

“Wilt Thou Be Made Whole”

“When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case he saith unto him, wilt thou be made whole?
“Jesus saith unto him, Rise take up thy bed, and walk.”

                                                                                      John 5:6, 8

Thirty-eight years at the pool of Bethesda? Take a minute and think on what you could achieve in thirty-eight years. I believe others had come and gotten their healing whiles he laid there waiting on the stirring of the waters. We are not told how old he was before being brought to lie by the pool. When asked if he wanted to be whole, the lack of the help of man became his answer. He had “the people syndrome”! He blamed everyone may be from the mother or father through to the siblings and forgot that after blaming every one, he still had to find a way to get out of that place. Jesus wanted to free him but he was so enamoured with “the people syndrome”. It took the gracious mercies and love of Jesus to identify and deal with his problem.

First Jesus asked him – will thou be made whole? A question signifying that his healing had everything to do with how “whole” he could become. Wilt thou be made whole- an opportunity for every one of us to ask how bad we want God to consecrate us. Wilt thou be made whole- a desire of the almighty God to close the chasm of separation. The question I ask everyone reading this book is the same as Jesus asked the man by the pool of Bethesda- will thou be made whole? If you are willing to be made whole, read on.

The answer that followed from Jesus was shocking. He actually spelt out the problem of the sick man and the solution for it. Just when he had spent time thinking of people as being his problem, Jesus revealed his real problem- the bed on which he was lying. The man had become so numb to the reality of life and the power of God to change things that the deception of his bed had caught up with him. Jesus told him to take his bed and walk. If you knew that the lifestyle, attitude, relationship was blocking you from walking in the power of God. Would you give it up for God?

Sometimes we blatantly know what the problem is but because of the familiarity coupled with the fear of losing ground, we refuse to accept the bed as being the problem. If we underestimate the bed we lie on, we will struggle with consecration. I hope as you take time to read this book, you will have the audacity to confront the bed on which you are lying on, be ready to fold it and subsequently walk free. The journey of consecration begins from here! This is where it all starts!

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