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Monday, 3 December 2012

5TypesOfPeopleWeRelateTo - (1) The Philip type

…..Philip answered him, Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may take a little. John 6:7

Jesus fed five thousand men beside women and children with two fishes and five loaves of bread from a lad in John 6:1-12. The context provides an opportunity for us to learn the power of human relationships. It also opens our eyes to five types of people we interact with almost every now and then in our daily dealings. We can learn a lesson or two from this incidence. We all relate to human beings. Its relationship with others that makes life worth living. (Copy and tweet). 

The Philip type is the one who seems to be negative all the time. They are always forecasting demise even before the vision is embarked on. (Copy and tweet). Errr have any as friends, in the family or as colleagues? Their words are normally preceded with statements like; it’s impossible, we don’t have the resources, we are helpless and we can’t do it. You will find them in every area of life. They are in companies, churches, governments etc. They are always there to talk about the weaknesses and the negatives of one’s vision. (Copy and tweet).
Often times it is easy to be carried way with the vision or idea that suddenly pops up in your spirit. This group of people help you take critical look at the idea or vision before committing your resources to make it a reality. (Copy and tweet). They are not very popular because of their negatives but it is through their attitude that you can save yourself from early embarrassment. (Copy and tweet). We all tend to gyrate towards people who will only commend and never criticize anything we do. This is a dangerous way to live life. Criticism whether constructive or not, carries with it an iota of truth.
Many at times we never take the Philip type of people seriously yet their stances in most matters go a long way to help you inadvertently to grasp the ups and downs of your vision. (Copy and tweet).  They don’t have the foresight of the future of the idea or vision yet it is through their attitude that an individual is challenged to do much better than what is being supposed.(Copy and tweet).
Factually we need these people in every area of our lives. They help you make the necessary research and think it over before it is implemented. The Philip types are the people that God uses to make leaders accountable for their action and decisions they make. They make you sharp in the use of every talent, skills and abilities you possess. (Copy and tweet).

Can you think of any characters of the Philip type? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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