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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5TypesOfPeopleWeRelateTo - (3)The Lad type

……….. there is a lad here, which had five barley loaves and two small fishes but what are they among so many. John 6:8

People with potentials, abilities, talents and skills should not be ignored. (Copy and tweet). It is dangerous and detrimental to any leader. They are the greatest asset an individual will possess. You might not see their significance in the initial stages but they carry what it takes to salvage your image and your life. Some of the “old school” leaders of our time do not celebrate the tenacity and vivacious skills and talents of the young. (Copy and tweet).  They fail to help open doors for the young because they feel threatened by the tour–de-force of the young. 
One could argue that the young too lack the experience on how to relate to the old. Yet it remains that none of us began life with all the needed skills to succeed? (Copy and tweet). None! That is the reason why the young need the old and vice versa. What I will admonish the young to do is to walk in humility and have the mentality of smart work coupled with hard work. (Copy and tweet)
People become great in their chosen field over a period of time. Men are in sizes and life is lived in stages…so is greatness. (Copy and tweet). Your significance is in the little things you do in the now yet the manifestation thereof might take time. (Copy and tweet). You learn to correct yourself through your mistakes as you go along.
There are significant people all over who have what it takes to help shape things for you. It takes a careful and godly eye to locate them. (Copy and tweet). David’s life was spared because of the advice of an "insignificant" fellow like Hushai. His two-minute advice to Absalom saved David from being slaughtered. As insignificant as Hushai was, it was his two minute advice that helped prolonged the kingdom of David.
As insignificant as the Lad was amongst the people, he carried that which was to bring relief to the people who had come to hear Jesus preach. (Copy and tweet).  It only needed the touch of the supernatural. There are people who make everything they have available to help others fare well and be better. What they have might be insufficient but they are prepared to give their all. They are rare gems!They save situations in the nick of time. Never underestimate what God has given you in terms of skills, talents and abilities. It could the answers for our time and that of the next generation. (Copy and tweet).
Can you think of times you’ve been the lad type of person? You stood in the gap and change the course of something for the greater glory. (Copy and tweet). The lad type of people are all over the place and we need them. Never look at their insignificant and insufficiency, they carry enough to help you. 

Any thoughts on the lad type of people? Let me know your thoughts.
Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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