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Monday, 9 December 2013

3WaysToSelfPreserve (1) UnderstandYourParameters

“He must increase that I may decrease” John said. (Copy and tweet).  What sort of mission statement is that? This saying was to culminate his life works. The baptism of Jesus in Jordan by John was the end of John’s ministry as dictated by the Spirit. John was an individual who understood the parameters in which he was called to operate and did so. Could it be that many have gone over their parameters and are suffering as a result? Knowing when to and not to is a sign that you understand your strengths, abilities and weaknesses. Is the job, career path, relationship, belief and even your lifestyle within the parameters God has called you to?

The challenge for most people is to accept that not everything is within their parameters even though they might have what it takes. (Copy and tweet). Everyone desire to live long yet how many truly do so? We encumber our lives with things that really don’t matter to us so much that by the time we are aware, it’s too late. God created each one with an ability that must be allowed to shine through the process of time. (Copy and tweet). Any smart person who desires longevity both in expression of gifts, abilities or talents and even in life understands their parameters. They also understand the various gifts and calling on others and are prepared to let them take the centre stage when the time demands. Too many of us want to be everything whilst watching our other gifts go waste. You can’t be everything!How are you going to stand for something if you’re everything?

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you good at? What are others better at than you?  Over the years everything I have learnt has this standing out- you can’t always insist on your rights. Whenever a person always fights to keep their rights, they become a prisoner to the dictates of their opponents. (Copy and tweet).  You’ll exert so much effort to get your insistence accepted and by the time you realise, not much would have been achieved. Your parameters define your character and attitude. It’s what defines your doings. Within the confines of your character and attitude, lies your uniqueness that determines the way you act towards others. Staying within the confines of your parameters also teaches you how to empathize with the weaknesses of others whilst adulating their strengths. (Copy and tweet). If you desire to be relevant for a long time to come, watch how you manage your parameters.

Jesus displayed the knowledge of his parameters when he sent the disciples in two to cast out devils, heal disease, raise the dead and a host of other things. He had all power because God had anointed him for such a feat. So how come he let others shine? Simply because he understood the power of self-preservation. If you stay within your parameters, there is a godly chance that you will live longer for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. (Copy and tweet).  Countless who allowed the spirit of God to teach them how to stay within their parameters enjoyed the provision, protection and prosperity of God. 

Think Aloud :-

a. What are your parameters
b. Do you sometimes go over?


Joe Akuoko II

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