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Monday, 16 December 2013

3WaysToSelfPreserve (2) GuardWhatYouSay

…but the lips of the wise will preserve them. Proverbs 14:3

Life and death are upon the power of the tongue and he that loves it will eat the fruit thereof. It’s interesting how we often forget the effect of what we do almost every split second – speaking. (Tweetable?Do it). For someone who is a certified deaf and dumb person, it’s never about the physical act of speaking forth but the spirit behind their gestures. Motive has always been the measuring rod for God in dealing with man.  It’s never about the act but the spirit behind the acting! Any time we speak to someone we are releasing an enormity of unseen power. Understand this- words carry more weight in the Spirit realm with both the forces of good and evil ready to act based on what is said.(Tweetable?Do it!)

Words are spirits and every spirits needs blood in order to thrive. The person as long as he is flesh and blood creates the environment for their words to thrive.  (Tweetable?Do it!)Thus what you say matters most not to you only but to others. In Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s book, fourth dimensional living In a three dimensional world, he reveals deeply the often taken for- granted power of words. He says “words tend to exert an equal amount of influence on both their speakers and their hearers, as well as anyone else who may be spoken about”.

What has words got to do with preservation? Words either forms or destroys a life. (Tweetable?Do it!). The amount of destruction or construction a word spoken in a second generates is amazing. Just by the spoken word, Abraham and his generations were blessed. Just by the spoken word of Jabez’ mother his life was curse even before he could utter his first words as a baby.  God said “let there be” and up on until now everything He said is in existence. What He said from the beginning has resonated past generation into ours and am sure if Jesus tarries, it will past the generation to come after ours. Words spoken with power whether good or bad resonates in the realms of the spirit. (Tweetable?Do it!).

To preserve yourself , there ought to be a new way of using the lips and the words that proceeds out of them. Man through his lip can secure his destiny and preserve the generation that follows. (Tweetable?Do it!).  Joseph was a prisoner because of the jealousy and anger from his brothers.  In his immature stages, his words nearly cut short his life. His imprudent attitude caused tensions between himself and the siblings which subsequently led to him being sold into slavery. Fast forward a few years and the dialogue between himself, cup bearer and Pharaoh speaks of change. He had come to terms with this understanding- that in order to self-preserve- his words mattered . 

Words are the garment that frame our thoughts. (Tweetable?Do it!). Your life is where it  is because of your words. If you hate your life, change your words and watch it create the world you desire.  Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be empowered after his baptism. Something powerful happened in his dialogue with the devil. Understand that his vocabulary wasn’t much of anything but that of a carpenter for thirty years before the encounter with the Holy Spirit.  But when he was empowered by the Holy Spirit, his words were anointed for supernatural doings. (Tweetable?Do it!).  No wonder when the devil attacked him, his rendition of what the word of God says carried so much weight. 

Think Aloud:-

A. Do you guard what you say?
B. How do you know words are powerful?


Joe Akuoko II

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