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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Winter Is Passed

See! The winter is passed.... ~ Songs Of Solomon 2:11

If you are reading this, there is high possibility that you are alive and in real time. It also means in spite of your regrets and mistakes, you've crossed over from the vestiges of  2013 into the early fodder of 2014. Your life could be Summed up in the popular James Bond catchphrase "stirred but not shaken". Yes you endured all that 2013 could throw at you yet you survived. What you didn't need got burnt in the fire! You have been kept by the mercies of God for a reason and a season. Your greatest breakthrough and opportunity is the "now" that you're living in.

The winter is passed but a fresh and a new day beckons. What are you going to do this year? Spend your time planning when it's time to act? Procrastinate again? Let opportunities pass you by without even trying? I mean what exactly are your plans for the new year?

No one applauds ideas...people celebrates results! The time of slack and blame has passed. Its time you become all that God created you to. Shake off  the last bits of 2013 and embrace the clothing of a new dawn. Every thing you need is so much available. All you need  is to take the bold step. I remind you of this story in Joshua's days. Moses had divided the waters yet was no more. The people were used to their leaders dividing waters for them. Joshua's opportunity came with God now commanding the Priest to bear the Ark on their shoulders and to "STEP INTO JORDAN" as the only means by which the waters will divide. They obeyed and Jordan was divided. Moses used the rod but in Joshua days, the Priest stepped into the water. The Winter had passed!

I know this for a fact; God will be telling some of us to go the extra mile, open new chapters in pursuit of dreams and aspirations, separate ourselves or better still leave the relationship, go back to school etc. Make sure you heed the voice and do as commanded for strength will be given to you from on high to accomplish every dream and purpose you were created for. The winter is passed! Behold a new season comes and I hear the spirit say it's your SEASON.

J Akuoko II


  1. Amen! I received this in Jesus name! Any change involves taking that first step. Thanks!

  2. Until the first step is taken, dreams remain dreams!

  3. Amen this message had reached me loud and clear. I have strayed from the path of righteousness. This has showed me the error of my ways.


    1. Metho, God is ever ready to help us come back home with open arms.


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