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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#10FsForASuccessfulLife- (1) #BeFRIENDLY

...But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. #Proverbs 18:24

Be a friend who can be Befriended! (Tweetable?DoIt). Man is a social being and at any given opportunity, we will need to relate to people....sometimes outside the immediate family of a person. The reality of friendship is that you are always going to be influenced be it positive or negative. (Tweetable?DoIt). Interestingly, we are attracted to our kind! Peer pressure never ends after teenage years. At any given age or level there are peers who will influence your thoughts, behaviours, choices etc and its from out of these do we choose to form friendships.

Friendship is by choice not by force. (Tweetable?DoIt). Being friendly isn't acting needy. Friendship is a mutual agreement between two people sometimes spoken or not for the benefit of all. Friends are God sent when they fit the purpose for which they were sent. They carry with them answers to challenges we face as we go along.  Even Jesus at some point needed friends. He chose disciples people whom he later called friends. #John 15/15. 

The value of friendship cannot be equated to money. It's most seen when someone you call a friend is there for you in times of challenges. It carries with it the strength to endure difficulties together. There is nothing beautiful as having someone you can confide in and commune with on issues no one seems to understand. (Tweetable?DoIt). Interestingly, a true friend will stick closer in all matters relating to your life. Growing up, I had loads of people I called friends. Age has taught me that many of those were just acquaintances who really didn't fit into what I will term friends. I can't stand disloyal people and a such I am quite careful on choosing people for friendship. 

Many will disappoint you in your quest to sieve through the number of people for friendship. (Tweetable?Do it). Friendship and its definition has changed for me as I mature. Your need to be fulfilled in life should be considered when desiring to find a friend. They should carry enough to impact your life. Their influence should create a visible change for all to see.  I consider friendship in a three step way - those who will feed my need for insight, wisdom and information for my vision , those who I can share my knowledge with on the same level and finally those who I can teach things I have benefited from to in life. (Tweetable?Do It).

David and Jonathan's friendship is an example of that which is for life. Jonathan the Prince saw greatness in David and defended him even from the imminence of deathly threats from his father King Saul. If you find a friend who sticks closer than a brother, then you can really rest assured that some of the challenges you might face in life will be halved. (Tweetable?DoIt).Be friendly for it pays not only when we need people around...but I believe two heads are always better than one. (Tweetable?DoIt). There is someone out there whom you can trust with the fine details of the challenges you are facing in life. Loneliness by choice or circumstance does nothing better for a person. Reach out to someone who needs your company. Be friendly!


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