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Monday, 17 February 2014

#10FsForASuccessfulLife- (2) #BeFOCUSED

....Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher... #Hebrews 12:

Focus is the womb of great manifestations! It is the epitome of every great endeavour in life. Until a person learns to be focused, their greatest dream will only remain a dream and nothing else. Many never understand that one of their deadliest enemies in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations is not being focused. 

Every purpose and its fulfilment has its rudiments in the person's ability to stay focused on the mission for which they were sent. Every great man or woman knows one thing- never lose focus on the one thing that can make the difference in their lives and that of others. It is said, Thomas Edison tried a 1000 times to make a light bulb yet couldn't. When asked if he had failed in not achieving his purpose, he answered, he had just found a 1000 ways not to make a light bulb. What kept him going in spite of the challenges? FOCUS did!

The mindsent of being focused is the one every great individual needs in order to succeed. Now understand why it is imprudent for one to be doing so many things at a time. Familiar with Jack of all trades and master of none?  The simplest logic is this - when your energy is focused on a single thing, the tendency for you to succeed is higher as compared to dissipating it all over. Your gifts and skills are great but all they need is you being focused on the one thing you are pursuing. 

There is a point in life where all the clutter, noise, unnecessary friends and any other things that stop you from focusing have to be dealt with. You might be wondering why you've struggled a lot with your vision, dream etc. It is simply because you are not focused enough. The mind produces its best when its focused. Understand this, there are finer products hidden deep within your spirit and it will take focus to unearth them. 

In the beginning God said..... and everything He said is still in motion. What energy, what power, what focus! The power of focus was needed when creation of a new earth out of the distorted, void and darkened one was to be achieved. As you focus intently, you are taken to its next and powerful level of focus called FOCI- the centre or converging point of focus. This is where all great inventions and ideas are hidden. Remember, any time you feel like giving up, that laser is powerful and can be used to cut even metals because tiny rays of light have been FOCUSED!


What do you think causes many to lose focus? Let me know your thoughts


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