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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

#10FsForASuccessfulLife - (8) #BeFinanciallyEquipped

"The blessings of the Lord, it maketh someone rich".... - Proverbs 10/22

Money is never the root of evil but rather, the insatiable love for it is. If  money was that evil, why should God decide to bless a person like Abraham and his generation? As far as God is concerned, these were righteous people. Interestingly, we allow what others think about a scripture to hinged us down in a quagmire of poverty without taking the time to investigate the route to financial success. 

In the Book "The Richest Man In Babylon", Arkad explained to Bansir and Kobbi that you can't be financially equipped if you don't follow due process. As you read further, you see that Arkad became wealthy in Babylon because he chose not to do what others were doing that had led to their poverty. He learnt how to saved one tenth of his income which within a period of time accumulated. In our world where many show an avid interest in being financially equipped, "get rich schemes"seems to have gotten a hold in our everyday life. Unfortunately, many souls have been deceived and enticed into its grips.  Many would want to be financially well equipped overnight without recognising that to acquire wealth, one must build it over the years. 

In as much as I believe poverty is a spirit and subsequently a curse, the behaviour of a person also impacts the results of their financial life. Impulse buying, disregard for biblical financial wealth building methods, lack of financial education secularly etc are major issues which bother most people including Christians. 

Financial success in life is achievable only if one is prepared to pay the price. If you subject yourself to a rigorous pursuit of financial education through God's word and other wholesome secular methods now, there is a major chance that you can  and will be financial equipped. The dream of Pharaoh typifies interpreted by Joseph, speaks of the two demarcations of man's life; 
the fat years and the lean years. Interestingly, everyone is afforded these two as a right of their birth. Unfortunately, many never maximise the opportunities they come with. 

The fat years represents the time of one's strength. This is time you ought to pay the price to be financially equipped by making judicious use of the money you have. The art of saving which many struggle with and don't really take serious, is a great way to accumulate money. The lean years represents the time when naturally our abilities, talents, skills, and age will wane. Anyone who took their fat years seriously and pursued their financial education, will end with success  and enjoyment whilst those who didn't suffer the hardships of life. 

Think Aloud:-

Why do you think people in spite of the numerous methods to save and be financially equip never maximise the opportunity? 

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