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Monday, 31 March 2014

#10FsForASuccessfulLife - (7) #BeFaithful

"A faithful soul is a sweet smelling fragrance that soothes the life of a dear friend"- JAII

You can never amount to much in life if you don't consciously make an effort to be faithful. Everyone relates to faithful people....they can be relied on in all things. The world glamourises the dog eat dog attitude that only inspires using every evil means to make ends meet. Sometimes the methods employed only leads to unfaithfulness. Sadly, many who took that road have ended up on the wrong side of life. Deep within the soul of every person is a desire to be close to a person who is faithful and vice versa. A faithful soul is a sweet smelling fragrance that soothes the life of a dear friend. Faithfulness is the grace God freely gives to great ones!

Have you ever been betrayed by an unfaithful friend, employee and even siblings who refused to heed all protocol regarding faithfulness? How was the feeling? One of my greatest dislikes in life is disloyalty which I equate to unfaithfulness. I am very careful of those who are unfaithful after they've been trusted with so much. On a personal note, I think I have been a faithful friend to many who needed my help and attention. Faithfulness is a seed that has got to be sown and nurtured overtime for growth. When it's done with the right mindset, great rewards emanates out of it. 

David remained faithful to the anointing of God over King Saul when he refused to kill him when the opportunity arose. Moses was faithful as a servant in God's house according to Hebrews 3:5. God rewards faithful people who endure to the end. Jesus was faithful even when it didn't feel so in the Garden of Gethsemane. Those who stay till the end will receive the crown of everlasting salvation. You too can be faithful in all things and be sure to receive the rewards that come with it. 

To be faithful, here are a few tips:- 

A. Value people and the trust they have in you

B.  Make a conscious effort to be true to your word

C. Learn to be a "sacrificial Lamb" not a "door mat" for the people you care for

D. Pray to God to help you remain faithful even in the face of imminent danger.

Think Aloud:-

Why do you think people struggle to remain faithful?


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  2. Thanks and I hope you will be blessed continuously. God bless


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