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Monday, 17 September 2012

3MasterKeysOfSuccess – (3) “MONEY”

The final master key to determine how successful you will be is money. Is money really the root of all evil? Is that what the writer said? No and a big no! Money isn't the root of all evil...but the love or insatiable desire or the extreme pull for money at all cost is the root of all evil. (Click here and tweet this). When a person would want money at any cost without regard for due process, they are teetering towards evil. To be financially Successful, there ought to be an intent. Anyone desiring to be should be made aware of the need to properly manage their money. (Click here and tweet this). You can have the world greatest vision but without money, it will be meaningless. You can talk, hoop, jump and do all sorts of gimmicks but at the end of the day, society will demand to be shown the money. 

Until you recognise that the little you have is enough to support you and push you into your big, it becomes so easy to abuse it. (Click here and tweet this). If within a second you cannot tell what you'll do with a million pound, you wouldn't be able to tell what you'll do with a pound. Money does grow in trees I guess you have heard it a thousand times. Frugality is the new wealth! However money grows out of the implementation of your ideas.(Click here and tweet this). Nobody wants to invest in something the innovator hasn't. That is why yo need to have enough to start you in the pursuit of your vision.

Until your ideas are big enough to attract  major funding, the little that you have must be used to support your vision or you stand the risk of losing out. The early stages of any endeavour require the input of the bearer financially. You only need to be poor to realise how incapable you are in winning with your vision. (Click here and tweet this). Many should-have-been great individuals never amounted to anything because of the lack of finance. It's is said every poor person seems to have some great idea but are never able to materialise it. (Click here and tweet this). It’s sad because their poverty stops them from turning the virtue within into a reality.

Ecclesiastes 9:15 paints the picture of a city that was under attack from an enemy. Through the advice of a poor wise man, it was saved. It continues to say that after the war everyone forgot the poor wise man. Now you notice how the writer kept on using the phrase "poor wise man". The point here is that though he was wise he couldn't translate his wisdom into the acquisition of financial power. It’s a known fact that wisdom has the ability to draw things onto the possessor. (Click here and tweet this). Thus without a financial clout to support his wisdom , nobody took him serious.

Wisdom with financial power is an advantage.(Click here and tweet this) Every successful person knows that without money to support their endeavours, they will soon be forgotten. I doubt if it will be wise to spend the entirety of your life pursuing money. I personally believe that money is a reward that comes to those whose desire is to solve the ills of society. (Click here and tweet this). Once you learn how to manipulate your finance well, you will be granted access to so much to keep the cycle of financial power going. Always remember this- you're blessed to be a blessing onto others.

Question: What steps have you taken or are taking to secure your money? Leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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