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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

3 Master Keys Of Success - (1) "KNOWLEDGE"

The first most important key in life needed in order to be successful is knowledge. Knowledge is power and there is no two ways about it. What you know determines how far you go in the corridors of influence in life. (Click here and tweet this). Many underestimate the important role knowledge plays in shaping society. You can be the world most talented individual yet it will take knowledge to help you make the difference. Recently I posted on my blog “applied knowledge is power” and it’s essential if you desire to win in life. Your ability to put your knowledge to work determines how much financial power you can command.

God values knowledge: His word categorically states that the lack of it has caused many to perish. Thus the simplest question to ask yourself will be this - what kind of knowledge do I need in order to thrive? The right kind of knowledge is what will set you apart from the rest. (Click here and tweet this). Not every whim of knowledge will be suitable for the purpose you've set yourself for in this life. Never be the type who will pursue a set kind of knowledge only to realise you don't have the passion for it any longer. Identify, pursue and excel in that which you are good at and have passion for.

The only time you will see the value of the knowledge you have is when you specialise in it.  Specialist knowledge put you in demand for a long time to come. (Click here and tweet this). Inspite of the credit crunch, many who have specialised knowledge are still in demand. Your relevance in the times we are living will stem from how quick you are to adapt to new knowledge. (Click here and tweet this). Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are all part of the new knowledge avenues in explosion. Anyone desiring to compete in today’s world should consider understanding the value of these platforms in order to enhance themselves. More so give out in terms of knowledge and vice versa.

Moore's law states that information changes every eighteen months and (probably with the advent of social media), it might be even shorter. You are only as current as the current information you have. (Click here and tweet this). Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times. When you put the knowledge you have into practice, your level of understanding will increase . As you mature in the knowledge you have, wisdom automatically becomes the experience that you have engendered. (Click here and tweet this)

When you master the knowledge that you have, pursuing the end product in mind becomes so easy. (Click here and tweet this). My desire is to see many acquire both godly and secular knowledge in order to function as balanced people in an ever dynamic society. Knowledge is the key to the unsearchable and being alive means spending if needs be your life pursuing it. May God reward your efforts and crown you with the fruits of your labour in your quest to be knowledgeable.

Questions: What does pursuing knowledge mean to you?
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Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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