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Monday, 10 September 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (10) PEOPLE MATTER!!

The pursuit of vision is daunting and risky. Often here and often there but sometimes never around! (Click here and tweet this). This excruciating aspect involved in the pursuit of one’s vision ought to alert us to this- never treat the people we are in a relationship with like the vision we are pursuing.  A critical look at this scripture and there is a semblance of what my 10th commandment is all about- what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

There is the tendency for you to sacrifice the other person in the pursuit of your vision. (Click here and tweet this). When wisdom isn’t attached to your passion, you will end up gaining the whole world but losing the most important aspect of life- people. When a person becomes so detached from the realities of this life, it becomes easy to forget people truly matter.  You need people in order for your vision to have significance. (Click here and tweet this). Without people life will be meaningless!

A survey conduct on patients who were dying proved that everyone needs “people”. They were asked what their last wishes were and many said “they wish they had spent a lot of time with their friends and family”. Unfortunately the insatiable desire to be successful at all cost stopped them from doing so. Many get so caught up with the vistas of the proceeds out of their vision and easily forget human beings matter. (Click here and tweet this). John C Maxwell says “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. You can have it all but at the end of the day but what really matters will be the lives you impacted not only with the proceeds of your vision but also with presence.

At the end of the day, people will always be around but everything you gain could be lost in the “fires” of life. Your relationship with people determines how successful or unsuccessful you will become. Every person you come across has something valuable to contribute to your upward mobility in life. If you position yourself strategically with the right kind of people, success will never elude you. (Click here and tweet this). Jesus though God, needed his PEOPLE (disciples) to function on earth. No one wins in isolation. You could be the world’s most gifted person but without the contribution of others, you will struggle to make it. Team up with the right kind of people and watch your relationship blossom. No great individual has broken this 10th commandment- understanding that people matter now and will always do in the near future. (Click here and tweet this).

I intentionally listed “people matter” as my 10th commandment when it comes to relationships. Everything in life hinges on human beings and your ability to relate to them will determine how successful you can become. Finally John C Maxwell says “use things to get people: don’t use people to get things”. Don’t get to the crucible of your life before you wished you had made sure that PEOPLE MATTER to you. (Click here and tweet this). Go and practise these 10 commandments and watch your relationships improve in all things pertaining to your life.

Question: What are you doing to show that people matter to you? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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  1. Ravi Zacharias in agreement says: "In God's economy we value people and use things; in our economy we use people and value things." I pray we value people more.


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