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Friday, 23 November 2012

Steps On How To Forgive

Life is too short to hold on to grudges. A person should learn to love truly and forgive quickly. (Copy and tweet).  It’s imperative if you desire to go forward in life. If forgiveness doesn’t really work, take a look at how we forgive politicians in inspite of their constant failures. Forgiveness is self-medication! Within the core of the human being is the desire to be free- from all sorts of encumbrances. That is the reason why forgiveness becomes the easiest pathway into embracing the divine nature of God within us. If you can forgive, then you can forgiven. (Copy and tweet).

First you need to accept that you've been hurt. Acknowledging that it happened to you doesn't make you weak it rather strengthens your resolve to be a better person. (Copy and tweet). Accepting that you are a victim is one great step towards redemption. Trying to fight of a hurt without an acknowledgement will be devastating. Tears they say is simply resolving issues. Once you can cry over something, you should be prepared to also work on the solutions thereof.

Secondly, assess your contribution to the why you were hurt you really need to introspectively check how and why the hurt happened. Most people never really sit down to analyse why something happened. Many never accept their contribution to what led to them being hurt. By nature we humans love the blame game yet no one can hurt you unless you allow it. (Copy and tweet). It’s easy to point fingers at someone being the causative agent but hey, you allow it. Don’t be the type that only sees on the surface but add depth to your perspective to your assessment regardless.

Thirdly, learn to forgive yourself. It’s interesting how many never forgive themselves but carry the guilt of self-implication. The real “you” within your body was created through the breath of God. When a sin is committed by an individual, it’s first against God and themselves. If you don’t learn to forgive yourself, how do you expect God to forgive you? (Copy and tweet). You are bigger than the hurt you’ve experienced and it will be great if self-forgiveness is initiated to help you maintain who you are.

Fourthly and finally, be bold to confront and to tell the person that hurt you they’ve been forgiven. (Copy and tweet). Also make the effort to locate people you hurt to ask them for their forgiveness. (Copy and tweet). Walking away when the individual who caused your pain is within reach isn’t healthy. (Copy and tweet). Be bold after you’ve forgiven yourself to tell them you've forgiven them of all they did to you. Never think of forgiveness without confronting and telling those who caused your pain whether close or distant. (Copy and tweet). Pray to God to strengthen as you learn to forgive.

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What other steps can you think of? Let me know your thoughts.

Joe Akuoko II


  1. I'd add to also think about who you might have hurt and approach them for forgivness. A lot of blessings can come from that too.
    good post.

  2. Right on point diana. It works both ways. Thanks for the insight. God bless

  3. Christopher, bless you too. I trust you were blessed by the post. Stay blessed.


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