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Monday, 21 January 2013

5MistakesToAvoidInTheNewYear - (3) HoldingOntoYourPast

...but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. #Philippians 3/13

The third mistake I believe we ought to do away with is the mistake of holding on to the past. Many never move forward because they find it difficult to let go of what has happened before. It's sad when you talk to a lot of people, they are quick to make references to what has happened before as being the reason why their lives is what it is. (Copy and tweet). However if God didn't believe in your today, He wouldn't have allowed you to cross the threshold of your yesterday. (Copy and tweet).

The challenge for most people is really having the tools to fight the urge of their past. (Copy and tweet). If you focus on your past, you empower the negatives thereof which will eventually affect your present. (Copy and tweet). However, if you reject that negative energy and begin to focus on the future, you empower the possibilities yet unborn to be yours.

The enemy's desire is to hold you accountable for the things that have happened in your past. The weapon of pity and guilt is what he uses. This is the reason why he does everything possible to make sure you never break free from your past. (Copy and tweet). God desire is to free you so you can have the freedom to be upwardly mobile. This is the time to make your move and redeem yourself!

You could have yet you didn't. You should have but you never did. So what do you do now? You thank God for another opportunity and a new day  to start all over again. Mistakes sometimes make living life worthwhile! (Copy and tweet). The best in scientific innovation isn't gotten in an instant. Remember the initial design of the earliest mobile phones?  They came as bricks! Lol! Imagine if the inventors had gotten stuck in their past? They wouldn't have come up with innovative and new ideas for mobile phones. 

What am I taking about? The past should serve as the platform for the future. (Copy and tweet). Anyone who doesn't remember their past is bound to repeat the mistakes thereof. No wonder our opening scripture is very succinct about what an individual should do - forget the past and in so doing look forward to the opportunities ahead.

In conclusion, hope is nebulous yet futuristic. A person who focuses their hope into the future automatically activates the faith they need to move on. It's the New Year and a new day where life is brimming with greatness and opportunities. It's also ready with open arms and I can hear the Spirit beckoning and mentioning your name and saying this is your time! (Copy and tweet).

What past issues keeps rearing its ugly head into your future and how are you dealing with them? Let me know your thoughts.

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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