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Thursday, 24 January 2013

5MistakesToAvoidInTheNewYear - (4) TakingYourselfForGranted

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Gen1/27

Its sometimes baffles me why certain individuals take themselves for granted even when everything speaks of the opposite. (Copy and tweet). Predators are always looking for people who don't take themselves serious to prey on. You ought to come to terms with the fact that God has placed VALUE on you so as not to become a victim but a victor. (Copy and tweet).

Taking yourself for granted is tantamount to you underestimating and discounting the investment of God in your life. (Copy and tweet). Any time you take yourself for granted because of the non existence of certain things the devil wins. (Copy and tweet). Subconsciously many of us have issues we haven't dealt with and its about time you employ the power of God to break free.

Talking to one woman the other day, she made reference to the fact that her ex- husband said she wouldn't amount to anything without him and ever since..... Many of us make permanent decisions out of events that weren't meant to last but were just passing. (Copy and tweet). Many write untold stories and etched them on their hearts and never allow for a change even when everything points to that. (Copy and tweet).

The experience of failing can make you take yourself for granted. This can make you lose your sense of purpose and direction. (Copy and tweet). It can also create a lack of self belief. What really get to me are those who make it seem as if they are the only ones who failed. No one ascends onto the throne of greatness without having a lot of failures. (Copy and tweet). STOP TAKING YOURSELF FOR GRANTED!

If you've noticed, taking yourself for granted has done nothing for you except this- caused many opportunities to go down the bridge of life. (Copy and tweet). God created you in His image and I am sure He knows you were bound to face challenges. However, He has already made provision for you. Yet what is actually stopping you is your inability to accept you are also a somebody. (Copy and tweet).   

Life is a mirror and you only reflect who you are. (Copy and tweet). Have you noticed that people don't take you serious? Why? Simply because you are projecting those negative frequencies and people are only being the mirror. Once we hit the threshold of 31 December and the clock chimed 12am, there was a shift spiritually. (Copy and tweet). God had changed the time and had allowed us to enter the New Year. This means you can no longer holds to that which makes you take yourself for granted.

Talk About it-

A. What makes people take themselves for granted?
B. How can a person deal with the attitude of "taking themselves for granted"?

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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