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Monday, 7 January 2013

5MistakesToAvoidInTheNewYear - (1) Indecision

"Adouble minded person is unstable in all his ways” – James 1:8

You have to decide to decide…..your failure to decide is a decision in itself.(Copy and tweet). It will interest you to know this- that your future is dependent on the decision or indecision you make right now! A person’s indecision in matters that are pertinent is something they will live to regret for a long time to come. Many will testify that their indecision in a lot of matters has impeded their progress. Anyone desiring to be great at some point and inspite of the price to pay decided to decide. I have come across many who clutter their “decision making” abilities with so much and end up being indecisive about everything. They have become Jack of all trades in decision making yet a master of none- “indecisive jackies”. (Copy and tweet).

Life isn't running ahead of you….in reality you make life. (Copy and tweet). How you turn up is as a result of the strategic decisions you make. That is why even if you feel you are late,you ought to take your time and decide on one issue at a time. Decision making is paramount if you are to excel in getting to your intended place of victory.It didn't matter how sinful the world was, God had to take His time and doing so decided on the time Jesus had to be born. Man’s continuous sinning couldn't create an  indecision in the strategic plan of God for our redemption. (Copy and tweet). 

In this New Year, you have to kill off the indecision that has been plaguing you for "yongs". Indecision about the relationship, finance, vision etc has got to be dealt with right now! The issues of life are many yet those who take time and deal with it one at a time through a quality decision making, always get the best results. (Copy and
tweet). Indecision will leave you at the beck and call of anything…you will become a slave to the whim of just anything. (Copy and tweet). 

Deciding grants you to right to the tranquility you need to press ahead. (Copy and tweet). There might be many opportunities right now but when you have a clear cut decision, choose the most appropriate out of the lot to execute. Indecision has nothing but emptiness and regret waiting for you. What must be decided on now shouldn't be left at the mercy of another. You will only live a life of regret, pain and frustration if you are indecisive. What most fail to realise is that indecision has the same amount of power as decision making.

Our opening scripture says its all- an indecisive person is unstable in all their ways. Instability is equated to faithlessness and without faith it is impossible to please God.(Copy and tweet).It’s about time YOU GET RID OF INDECISION…..and begin to make those quality decisions that will impact your life for a long time to come.

What are some of the “indecisions” you have to get rid of ?

In His Service
J. AkuokoII


  1. This is so true...... Don't know how this was sent to me, but I'm glad I received it! #ThankYou From: @Mscookcounty773 on twitter

  2. MscookCounty773 thanks for your input. I am Joe Akuoko II on twitter @Jakuoko. You subscribed to my blog. God bless you


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