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Thursday, 7 February 2013

4PowersABelieverHas - (2.1) ThePowerOfFaith (Part 1)

Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6

Your ability to exercise faith cannot be more powerful than the one who seeded you with it. (Copy and tweet). The concept of faith has been given a new definition by neo-Pentecostalism as whenever faith is made mention of, it has to do with needs. I sometimes find myself wondering why faith is equated to wealth and power. Well, am not amazed as to why many are made to believe exercising faith can be equated to the acquisition of power and wealth. Simply because, a person is shaped by their background and it’s something you can't avoid. (Copy and tweet). 

Your background plays an integral in all that you do. It’s only when you've challenged your experiences with divine knowledge and a “can do” attitude that you'll be empowered to break free. Thus a leader who hasn’t yet challenged certain beliefs they hold regarding faith will only raise followers of their kind. Faith isn’t what you have been told it is until you have an encounter with faith yourself. (Copy and tweet).

The writer in Hebrews  11 expresses faith differently from what we have been made to believe it connotes.  From verse 1 through the 31, a picture is painted of the “receiving” or “favourable side” of the practice of faith. (Copy and tweet). He expresses voluptuously what happened to those who practiced faith until you reach verses 32 where the testing of side of faith begins. This is also the other side of faith. Faith does not only learn to walk in the good but also exercises its enduring power in the ugliest of times. (Copy and tweet).

To exercise faith, is to have what it takes to please and believe God in His existence. (Copy and tweet). The ordinary person will find it difficult to appreciate this meaning especially when all around the interpretation we have had concerning faith is based on solving the needs of people. The reason we struggle to maintain the faith we have is due to the misapplication of the potency thereof. (Copy and tweet). There are three sides to faith that I have discovered- faith learns to accept, reject and also to endure. (Copy and tweet). In so doing, we expressly tell God it doesn’t matter what we face, our ability to believe and trust Him will not wane even in the face of the insurmountable. (Copy and tweet). 

Talk About it-

A. Why do you think most people fail to apply the power of the faith?
B. What does faith mean to you personally and how have you applied it in your life? 

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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