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Saturday, 16 February 2013

4PowersABelieverHas - (4.2) ThePowerOfPrayer (Part 2)

Pray without ceasing. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Why are we instructed to pray unceasingly?  The devil is constantly at work seeking who todestroy. Woe onto that sleepy and lazy Christian, the devil will attack withoutanyone to deliver. (Copy and tweet). When the Publican and the Pharisee went topray, God had no problem with each other’s prayer until the Pharisee beganjudging the publican. We have to approach the art of prayer without anyprejudice or guilt. Carrying a conscience of judgement when we've all been saved by grace is futile if you desire you prayers heard. (Copy and tweet).

Any time you refuse to pray it’s not guilt thatyou feel its hunger spiritually. If you desire to have fresh manna every day,prayer is the only way to interpret the manna you receive out of God's word.Jesus started with prayer in the desert and ended with the prayer on the cross.(Copy and tweet). You can't but prayand pray until you can't pray anymore. Nothing of worth comes through withoutmuch push. As soon as Zion travailed shebrought forth. Selah (Copy and tweet).

One great man made this emphatic statement that “he is notimpressed by people who don’t pray".Boldly said, it connotes so much about thepower of prayer. How can you have words of encouragement, comfort, power andhealing to give others, when you haven’t received anything from God? (Copy and tweet). This isthe reason why, be you a preacher or a church member, you need the mind ofChrist when it comes to prayer. (Copy and tweet).

God's power is ready and available. The onlything left is a vessel willing to avail themselves. (Copy and tweet). If anybody should tell you praying is easy, then I would say to theindividual that they don’t actually pray but just say a few words. It is theviolent who take it by force!(Copy and tweet).

#Caution- A man who doesn't pray is setting his house for a great fall.
#Caution- A woman who doesn't pray is gradually gnawing her family's foundation.

Talk About it-

A. Why do you think we ought to pray?
B. How do you think believers should pray? 

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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