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Friday, 15 February 2013

4PowersABelieverHas - (4.1) ThePowerOfPrayer (Part 1)

Pray without ceasing. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The art of prayer is one that every believer should endeavour to master. Prayer is a two way communication between man and his creator. (Copy and tweet). It also allows for one to constantly reach out to God during times that are good, bad and ugly. (Copy and tweet).

Having ministered for some time now, I am quite used to hearing prayers that are mostly need oriented. However, I do believe prayer transcends beyond a person’s needs. (Copy and tweet). It also solidifies the value of the relationship they have with God. It is this relationship that guarantees a person success in whatever they do. Your skills, talents, opportunities might get you whatever you desire, but it is God that grants the power, peace and the prosperity that comes with it. (Copy and tweet).

Luke the writer recorded over ten times the prayer lifestyle of Jesus in his book. I am not surprised at all as his book is full of the healing God performed through Jesus. I believe he wanted us to understand the sole method by which Jesus operated in the anointing was through prayer. (Copy and tweet). The ever-increasing prayer and connection between himself and God was the hit that produced the power for divine manifestation. Selah!(Copy and tweet). When one relates to God through prayer, the reward has often been the enormity of the out pour of the anointing by God on such a person.

The efficacy of prayer is much seen when it is based on the word of God. Just praying without the backing of the word to me seems empty. Without a continuous and a sustaining prayer lifestyle, the events of life will break you. (Copy and tweet). Your greatness as a person is encapsulated in the process of prayer. The power to command and possess is given to any prayerful person. I believe the very day Adam refused to commune (pray) to and with God, the devil gained access into his domain. To be a casual prayer person is very dangerous. (Copy and tweet). The devil will seek to destroy you with swiftness so you don’t reawaken that power again.

I don’t believe prayer has any method. For me, prayer is prayer, but it is most effective when done in the name of Jesus. (Copy and tweet). You can pray when at work, eating, bathing, at any place as long as the name of Jesus is involved. The enemy wants you to believe that there are special people chosen for this purpose. It could be true, but if Jesus prayed, then you too can pray. (Copy and tweet).

Talk About it-

A. Why do you think we ought to pray?
B. How do you think believers should pray? 

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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