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Monday, 8 April 2013

4SignsThatLeadsToCheating - (3) ConstantlyComparing

The latter end of the twentieth century right into the twenty-first brought to bear one thing- that we have many choices of almost anything in existence. (Copy and tweet).  Coupled with the explosion of social media, you don’t have to settle for just one thing…you can have more if only you want to. It has its advantages and disadvantages. This era seem to resonate with one of James Bond’s movie- the world is not enough. (Copy and tweet).

When it comes to relationships, having several choices might be good in the early stages yet you ought to be able to settle on someone as the only one. (Copy and tweet).  Without a settle mind, several choices only lead to one thing- the danger of constantly comparing. (Copy and tweet). Our modern trends have proven that many would want to “kiss” a lot before they settle for the best lip. Yet I believe there are enough statistics to prove more and more relationships don’t last in our times as in the older years gone by.

I believe in being bold to come to terms with who you really want to be with in a relationship. (Copy and tweet). Whether the person is short, tall, light or dark skinned, English, French etc, it’s a decision God has freely given to each person to exercise. (Copy and tweet). It’s your duty to exercise this free gift to the best of your ability. I know sometimes the culture in which we are raised plays a major role in who we relate to or not. Yet when you come to terms with your choices, be bold and accept your portion in life.

God knows who will bring you fulfilment and satisfaction. Nothing happens by accident. (Copy and tweet).You didn’t meet the person by mistake. It was a divine plan whether if you believe in God or not. I think many cheat because they never seem to be satisfied with who they claim to be in love with. (Copy and tweet). We get caught up in the hustle and bustle so much we forget that in life, no one will bring you satisfaction until you make up your mind.

At weddings, many say “I do” without knowing what they are doing. (Copy and tweet). A few weeks, months or years down the line, they are divorced or separated because they believe they aren’t compatible. Sad! Somebody failed to do the necessary checks to understand how compatible they could be with the next person they want in a relationship. (Copy and tweet).

Compatibility is a must which can’t be taken for granted in any relationship. It’s what leads to satisfaction and subsequently stops comparison. (Copy and tweet). Relationship sites understand the power of compatibility thus they make sure it’s a major point on which their sites are built on.  I believe it’s because they’ve found out that if you are ever going to be satisfied and cut out comparison, you need compatibility.

The lack of a definite acceptance of yourself and capabilities first and the person you’ve declared to be in love with could is the major cause of your constant comparison. (Copy and tweet). When you made the bold decision to be in love with someone, I hope whatever brought the two of you together wasn’t the lack of contentment nor assumption but a genuine desire to be satisfied once and for all. (Copy and tweet).

Stop wishing the person you are with was someone else! If you wanted to be with someone else you wouldn’t have chosen to this one you are with. Don’t waste your time… to thine own self be true! (Copy and tweet).It’s about time you cut out all the clutter and accept your portion in this life. When two are united in the web of love, nothing is impossible. (Copy and tweet).

Here is a simple 3 minutes step to help you :-

A.  Stop Comparing!!
B.  Pray for the right person
C.  Learn to celebrate yourselves
D. Accept your portion and make it great

Talk About It -

A. Why do you think people constantly compare in relationships?


Joe Akuoko II

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