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Monday, 1 April 2013

4SignsThatLeadsToCheating - (2) Assumptions

They say the lowest form of wisdom is assumption yet day in day out, many live their lives based on it. (Copy and tweet). It’s a very dangerous and disappointing way to live.  I see assumptions as self- projections and convictions that lack credibility and substance. (Copy and tweet). Relations happen between two human beings, (I prefer a man and a woman inspite of what our modern interpretations might be) and people change. It’s something we ought to learn to deal with.

Human beings are organisms and organisms evolve. The evolution of a person means change is something that will happen with or without their involvement. (Copy and tweet). The easiest way to be disappointed in any relationship is to stick to your assumptions without credible evidence. (Copy and tweet). Oh yes sometimes we all have assumptions about the next person but my simple question is this- are our so-called assumptions fulfilled as we thought? Selah! 

Assuming all is well with the “Jones” and thinking just because the grass is greener on the other side is a grave mistake. (Copy and tweet). Every relationship has its challenges yet people still find time to smile and to enjoy each other. I was talking to my young adults in church the other day about relationships. I said to desire to be with someone is something god ordained.  If you meet the right person at the right time, you are saved a lot of headaches. However, they shouldn’t assume that the person will be hundred per cent but they should be ready to deal with the excesses that come with being in a relationship. (Copy and tweet).

Cheating is a choice not a mistake! (Copy and tweet). Thus to avoid making this deadly choice, the basic principle here is to learn to be patient in dealing with your other half in question. Assuming all will be rosy in your relationship is an infantile way of thinking especially when life has its own bumps, twists and turns and detours. (Copy and tweet).

The dictionary defines assumption as taking something for granted. Nothing should be taken for granted or supposed when it comes to relationships. Relationships can make or unmake you! Leave assumption for daydreamers: for you and I who desire to have the best in our relationships, see things for what they are but work with the facts to bring about change. (Copy and tweet). The fact that you want a relationship like someone else doesn’t mean you have it. Neither does wishing for change means you will have it. YOU HAVE TO LEARN to deal with the brutal facts and processes involved in you becoming what you envision to be. (Copy and tweet ).

In my opinion, assumption is a deadly “SIN” Lol…. for anyone who desires not to cheat. Assuming he/she will behave in a particular way doesn’t mean it will happen. Many at times we are disappointed at other people not because of their behaviour but because of our unfounded expectations of them. (Copy and tweet). When you live life prepared to win, we also prepare yourself with enough bulwarks to avert the shocks that come with it. If you desire to have a relationship without the clutter, realistically don’t assume but be ready and prepared for changes when it comes. (Copy and tweet ).

Here is a simple 3 minutes step to help you

A.  Stop Assuming!!
B.  Deal With The Facts Presented
C.  Be content

Talk About It -

A. Why do you think people make assumotions when it comes to relationships?


Joe Akuoko II

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