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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

#10FsForASuccessfulLife - (5) #HaveFORTITUDE

..... be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might... Ephesians 6/10

The irony of life is that whilst we seem to enjoy in some days, other days come with their challenges. The beauty of life is that when we fall we have the chance to rise. (Tweetable?Do It). Living life means one of these days the worst could happen yet it also means you can have the fortitude to overcome it. Ever wondered why certain people bounce back and others not? The secret is the FORTITUDE with which they approach the issues of life.

It's clear we all have a common enemy whose desire is to weaken our resolve in dealing with the everyday challenges in life. (Tweetable?Do It). The good news is that you have been empowered to over it come. Fortitude without even looking it up in the dictionary is exhibited by most of us in the face of challenges. We walk in it almost every day when we face challenges are able to overcome it. I see it as an inner strength built over time. 

If you are going to win and do so successfully in any area of your life, then you need to have fortitude. At any given chance, you are going to be tested...even by the most trusted person or loved one. (Tweetable?Do It). When through mental and emotional strength you face the difficulty, you don't only win in the situation but also become a master over it. The wisdom, patience and understanding gained stays with you forever. 

I have had the privilege of leading my church over a period of time and one thing has always stayed :- having the FORTITUDE to deal with issues when they present themselves. (#Secret- leading people is the most difficult yet rewarding task ever). The above scripture gives one a place of hiding and also of seeking the strength of God. Be strong in your relationship with God and also bask in His power. With God on your side, even when things seems overwhelming, heaven will release a dose of the daily fortitude to you so you can be an overcomer. (Tweetable? Do It)

Look at the brighter side of life and understand this- you were created to have dominion over the issues life presents. Yes we all might have failed once, twice, thrice and sometimes many times. The truth however is that if you will see yourself in a different light and embrace the power you have been freely given by God, you will walk in fortitude and win. Have FORTITUDE for it's your birthright!

To have fortitude:-

A.  Be Patient

B.   Seek the knowledge concerning any issue you face

C.  Walk in the power and might of  God 

D.   Apply the fortitude gained where necessary

Think Aloud :

Why do you think many never overcome issues?


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  1. This is very helpful. I believe in a way fortitude can closely relate to the phrase "Look at the glass half full, " which supports heavily in result what it means to first have patience. Secondly, your reference to involving God could not have been more enlightening. I agree in many situations; I find myself being caught up in the situation feeling alone but truthfully that is what the enemy wants you to believe, which is that you are facing a predicament alone. However, as stated "Walk in the power and might of God."


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