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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

#10FsForASuccessfulLife - (6) #ValueFAMILY

" A strong family bond molds one into a better person" - J Akuoko II

Family is everything! Remember the movie "the Godfather"? Wow, its forever a classic. Family not in the sense of the intricacies that characterised the movie "the Godfather" but that of a healthy unit of loving, caring and well meaning people. My #6thFforASuccessfulLife is placing value on family. I believe without it, many of the gifts, talents and opportunities we are destined for might elude us. Yes one can argue that not all families help nurture a person. Yet I believe the vast majority of people who come from a strong bond of a family stand a great chance of becoming all that God created them to be. 

Our so-called modern society seem to have nearly drawn a wedge between many members of the same family unit. Coupled with the easiness with communication, the gap seem wider. Yet the true bond of love, care and memories that facilitates the growth of families shouldn't be taken for granted. Growing up, my greatest envy was for people who were living with both parents. Though young, I knew that to have a full family unit meant you had protection, security, a person to look up to and the chance of not being poor. 

I don't know what family means to you but personally, I place maximum value on both my external, nuclear and church family. Human beings are our greatest asset and if you don't invest your trust, faith and your best in your family, where else? As children of God's family, we are in a privileged position above all other creation. The love of God is extended to all but certain privileges are for His family members including you and I. To be advised to become part of God's family is the greatest secret to success anyone can give you. Jesus at one point was told his mother and siblings were looking for him. Interestingly, he said those listening to his words were his family. (Luke 8:20-21).  As we go through life, knowing that you have an earthly and heavenly family both with man and God only emboldens and empowers you for the years ahead.

Here are a few reason why you need to #ValueFamily -

A. Family gives a sense of belonging and identity

B. Family is the foundation on which a character is built

C. Family gives security

D. Family is the place we go to when all have rejected us

Think Aloud:-

Why do you think people don't value family? 


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