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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Affiliation- Who Are You Connected To?

“Be not deceived evil communications corrupts good manners”.
                                                                                                    1 Corinthians 15:33

Evil communications emanates out of evil relationships or affiliations. It does not matter how good your upbringing or intentions are, you will be corrupted. The Bible will call evil communicators sons of Belial! A Ghanaian folklore spells the doom of those who refuse to separate themselves from evil communicator or affiliations. The story is told of the “tree-rope”, tortoise, the partridge and a giant baobab tree. The partridge, whose home was on top of the giant baobab tree, was in the habit of making a lot of noise. One particular afternoon it became so much that the tortoise remonstrated to the tree-rope to warn the partridge of its excessive noise. It said this with the knowledge the noise could attract a hunter which could spell their doom.

The tree-rope refused on several admonishing giving reasons why it thought it wasn’t its problem. Lo and behold, the noise did catch the attention of a hunter who eventually drew near to see for himself where it was coming from. With expert marksmanship, he shot the partridge, cut the tree-rope and tied both the tortoise and partridge. A great day for a hunter but foolishness of taken for granted the things or people we associate with and what they are capable of doing to our lives.

The moral of the story is that a relationship with evil communicators is very deadly. I don’t believe you need any more signs before you change the communication you have with that evil thing or individual. Upon one or two admonitions, a person who desires to be self-aware should dissociate themselves. You don’t have to feel bad or sorry for taking a decision which will in the long run benefit your well-being.

Many gifted and talented people won’t go anywhere because of the people they are affiliated with. It is sad how we fail to see that the devil uses affiliations to destroy our gifts, talents and opportunities. The book of proverbs is littered with how a person can avoid being trapped into an evil affiliation. My favourite is the one that says never be a friend of an angry man, lest you learn his ways. This is so true and it transcends beyond just friendship. Who do you read off, listen or talk to, spend time with? If you are sincere, you’ll notice you’ve picked so much from him or her whether good or evil. It’s imperative therefore, that you align yourself with the right people if you truly want to be self-awareness. Just as there are caustic affiliations, so are there progressive ones.

I have always prayed to God to help me align myself with progressive people according to the purpose He had created me. That these people will have what it takes to help bring the best out of me. Truly to his promise, I have never been denied this request. God has used a lot of people to help me find my coordinates in life. For the first time, I have clarity with what I desire to achieve. I pray that you evaluate your affiliations and make adjustments where necessary. No one person is an island and we all need the next person to make us feel like we are somebody. The choice you make with your affiliations will determine where you go next in life. I will not be afraid of the devil more than the person who has a negative energy to influence my life.

Yours In His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II

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