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Monday, 23 April 2012


“…………For this purpose the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the enemy.   
1 John 3:8

God designed all things with a purpose. A person’s inability to define his purpose proves the reality that purpose is part of our existence. Jesus’ only purpose was to destroy the works of the enemy. Everyone will claim to have a purpose but the statistics shows otherwise. Our system of education is only to feed the supply and demand cycle never to enhance a person’s purpose. Unfortunately most of us get caught in this cycle for the rest of our lives. Only a few break-free to pursue that which they were born for.

It’s been determined by God that the living should have purpose. Those who have no more to offer are the dead. Having a purpose and being challenged to pursue it causes life to be worth living. When you subject yourself to the rigours of mastering your purpose, you develop a tenacious attitude to become a winner. If you take time to master your purpose just as Jesus did before you are released, the world will not have enough of you.

Your ability to succeed is determined by the passionate desire you have into chasing the purpose you were created for. The footballer, singer, preacher, writer, actress have a common trait-everyone is pursuing their God-given purpose. We only see their successes and not the price they paid to get to the place they are. I made a decision not to celebrate others whilst I watch mine go waste. As I celebrate others, I also look at how I can improve on the purpose I have been chosen for. In order not to be bitter, spare a bit time on you but more importantly, on that which matters. Many want it easy or have all together given up on their purpose but none truly serve you in the best manner.

Three people were chosen and given talents to work with by their King who was travelling into a far country. We also understand that no king will ever choose people for an assignment and not train them first. This is also seen in the case of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. We are told each was given talents according to his level of knowledge, experience and I believe exposure.

However, only two understood this opportunity and worked towards changing their lives once and for all. This means not everyone wants to remain the same. Many are praying and waiting for the day they will receive an opportunity to break free from poverty and subservience. This will only happen when through their opportunities, they become self-aware. They all prayed for this opportunity to be chosen by the King, yet only two had truly prepared themselves for that moment. Unfortunately, the other approached it with bitterness, apathy and discontent.

The two were productive whilst the other wasted his opportunity. The King was quick in rewarding each according to the work done. He increased the valuables of the productive two and sentenced the unprofitable servant to eternal misery. It might take long yet the vision will not delay. Never assume that short-cuts will yield any results. Let us learn to pay the price to define our purpose. The Lord will help us build a strong brand of self –awareness which will withstand the test of time.

Yours- In- His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II

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